Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Get the all new Box for iPhone and iPad + 50GB free


We couldn’t be more excited to announce that today we are releasing our brand new, completely rebuilt Box for iPhone® and iPad® app. And to commemorate this, we are offering 50GB of free storage for life to users who download the app in the next 30 days.

We’ve overhauled our app to make it super-fast, simpler to use and more immersive. The result, we believe, is the best content viewing and collaboration experience available today for your iOS device. We’re incredibly happy to offer this update to the millions of people that have already downloaded Box for iPhone and iPad and everyone else who needs to get work done on the go.

Check out the all new app and experience:

Speed and simplicity

  • An entirely new simple intuitive user interface
  • Significantly faster document rendering
  • Progressive low- to high-resolution photo loading for fast scrolling and previewing

The best content experience

  • New preview capabilities for 100+ file types
  • High fidelity rendering of PowerPoint, PDFs, photos, videos and more
  • Convenient grid views
  • Full text search within documents

Enhanced productivity

  • New sidebar for featuring comments
  • Real-time search for files within your account
  • The ability to move, copy and delete multiple files at once
  • A redesigned Box OneCloud gallery of partner apps
  • Menu of recommended partner apps customized for each file

Our goal is to provide the very best user experience along with all the security and controls needed by enterprises to easily share, manage and access information from anywhere. And this release offers our iOS users a high-performance, business productivity app with simplicity, elegance and beautiful design.

We want to continue to find ways to improve how people engage with their content and collaborate with each other on Post-PC devices. Box for iPhone and iPad is a critical foundation for our mobile platforms, as we continue to invest in bringing speed, simplicity and amazing content interfaces to our Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8, and mobile web products.

We’re also looking beyond our own Box app, to exciting new mobile content experiences enabled through our many partnerships. Our new site also launched today to help you discover apps in the Box OneCloudTM ecosystem that will allow you to do more with your Box content on your mobile device, and ultimately be more productive in your business.

Be sure to download the new release of Box for iPhone and iPad today and take advantage of our 50GB free offer. And please tell us what you think of the new app in the comments below or @BoxHQ on Twitter.

Please note that our Box for MobileIron, Box for Good Technology and Box for Aruba applications will continue to work as before and will be updated in the coming months to include the new design and features of Box for iPhone and iPad. 

  • Liza Jenifer

    I think the best result is to switch to Android as I did years prior. Right away I have control over my document information. I can duplicate/glue it to/from any viable gadget case in point, as opposed to having whatever information I did figure out how to spare experiencing a concentrated area on an assigned PC. For example no record program on ios gadgets, the greater part of your documents are transmitted to the application engineer/fruit servers at whatever point conceivable.
    Mini Projector

  • Dave

    From the desktop application I can email an entire group of collaborators linked to a folder, but for the life of me I can’t find a way to do that from the iPad app. (I know you can send via email a link to a document you’ve created, but that’s not the same thing.) Am I missing something or is this feature not there?

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  • NewsTrunk

    Really, it’s a best apps for iphone and ipad users. It manages your files, photo and all documents .

  • Kabeer Khan

    Hi i am late, could i still please get 50gb, juts bought a multimedia handset for the first time, please let me know on my email its : Thanks

  • kaceylu

    I found the entire Software Tailor team to very helpful and knowledgeable.
    You help me understand the differences between the other systems on the market
    and the software development HK

  • Eccentric

    hey already got 50gb through xperia.will i be able to get another 50gb by logging into my box account via iphone?

  • Rommel

    Hi i just newly installed box in my iphone6, why is it my free space is just stuck in 10 gb? I heard it will upgrade into 50gb? How can i avail this… Tnx