Thursday, April 25th, 2013

New Platform Partners for Healthcare Initiative


The consumerization of IT and evolution of the cloud are shaking up the healthcare industry. With four out of five doctors using mobile devices for work-related tasks, mHealth and BYOD are creating new challenges for CMIOs and CIOs at hospitals and large integrated delivery networks across the nation. And as if that weren’t enough, provider and patient frustrations continue to mount over the lack of interoperability and file sharing in healthcare.

Well hang tight! At Box, we’re shaking up healthcare, too – in all the right ways – helping providers, payers and patients address the major pain points in healthcare around the lack of interoperability and basic file sharing. Our secure cloud collaboration platform provides medical teams with anywhere access to health information, enables collaboration between physicians and nurses for improved care coordination, eliminates paper workflows, and optimizes IT investments in applications, infrastructure and maintenance.

Building on our industry momentum, today we announced that Box supports HIPAA/HITECH compliance – post the omnibus ruling – and that we’re signing Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with healthcare customers.  This is significant, as it means that unlike consumer cloud applications, Box is a trusted healthcare partner for personal health information (PHI) such as medical records, images, lab reports and so on.

As part of our strategy to help tackle challenges around care coordination, clinical documentation and basic interoperability, we added 10 new healthcare application partners: Doximity, drchrono, HealthTap, iPaxera, MediCopy, iMedViewer, Medigram, PostureScreen Mobile, TigerText and Umbie Dental Care.

With the TigerText partnership, clients can securely and easily share patient info such as images, reports, lab reports, and any documents stored in Box to help coordinate care delivery. This collaboration addresses the BYOD and texting problems plaguing hospitals, while also improving patient care and hospital efficiency.

In addition, we announced a seed investment in drchrono, the first EHR company that we are working with in order to help physicians access images, lab reports and more from Box.

Finally, we announced a special offer with Doximity, the nation’s largest professional network for doctors. With Doximity, physicians can use their iPhone or Android device or desktop computer to quickly and securely connect with nearly any US physician to collaborate on patient care or find the right medical expert on a topic. Until the end of the year, Doximity’s 150,000+ members can get a free Box account with 50GB storage.

Hundreds of healthcare customers are already using Box, including Beaumont and Henry Ford Health Systems, Garden City Hospital, HealthTrust Europe, Johns Hopkins HealthCare Solutions and San Juan Regional Medical Center, just to name a few. Their use cases are powerful and varied – from medical teams being able to securely access PHI to health systems, payors, patients and third parties sharing files to better coordinate care.

Al Fadool, the CIO of Garden City Hospital, will be sharing his thoughts on the secure cloud for healthcare during a webinar at 10am PT on May 2. We’ll be joined by industry expert, Shahid Shah, A.K.A. “The Healthcare IT Guy” and Missy Krasner, former founding member of Google Health and Executive in Residence (EIR) at Morgenthaler Ventures. I’m excited to share that Missy’s working with Box as a strategic advisor for healthcare. Please join our conversation by registering here.


  • Jameel Johnson

    I had no idea that doctors were using apps now for their work. The internet has made informational so easily accessible that I suppose even doctors don’t need to have everything memorized anymore. The best part of this technology is the potential for more accurate health treatments.

  • rebecca0196

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  • Jason Knight

    I love how medical centers are integrating more technology into what they do. It is incredible how much faster things go now that we are moving to a digital system for most things. It is also really cool to have them take the x-ray in one room and walk into the other room to look at it immediately instead of having to wait for the image to be developed.