Monday, August 20th, 2012

Liftopia Hits the Slopes with Box


We’re not short on adrenaline junkies at Box HQ: When we’re not in the office, one of our favorite ways to have fun is to grab our skis and head to Tahoe for some black diamond runs (or just the bunny slope). We love the snow, and that’s why we were so excited when Liftopia, one of our favorite Bay Area tech companies, joined the Box family.

For the uninitiated, Liftopia aims to provide world-class revenue management software to ski areas and mountain resorts. Their platform allows ski resorts to offer lift tickets and other on-mountain activities and to skiers and snowboarders at compelling prices, all of which are bookable online and in advance. In their own words: “The core mission of Liftopia is twofold: help skiers and snowboarders get out on the slopes more often, and help alpine resorts generate more revenue.”

For an industry that has typically relied on same-day walkup sales and is highly exposed to weather risk, their technology is revolutionizing the way ski resorts operate, all around the world.

So why did they start using Box?

“The reason we love Box is because they’ve had a focus on the enterprise for so long,” says Rob Webb, Chief Product Officer, who joined Liftopia in 2009 to oversee technology and product development.

“Box has the design and usability you would normally find in a customer-facing app, packaged around enterprise functionality.”

Earlier this year, Liftopia was in the middle of one of their largest projects ever: The team had to collect data and collaborate with resort partners, each of which had slightly different products, attributes and guidance. Previously, they relied on combinations of consumer file sharing services, shared drives and unintuitive project management tools. After doing a bit of research, Box quickly became the obvious choice. “The timing was good, and we’d gone through enough other providers to know what we were looking for,” Rob adds. Within one week of deploying Box, the entire Liftopia team was sharing and collaborating in the cloud.

The sky – or, in their case, the summit — is the limit for Liftopia, and we couldn’t be happier to see them join other awesome companies who’ve adopted Box.

  • tkrhoads

    Rob Webb shredz.

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