Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

In the Future, What Will You Do with Your Content? Everything.


I’ve been fascinated by the fact that when I’m online, I can pretty much discover and learn about anything. Get details about what my friends are up to? Check. Browse an extensive encyclopedia with information about everything that’s ever happened? Check.

Why then, is the enterprise lagging behind? In many ways, the last bastion of information silos remains in the business world. But what if this weren’t the case? What if you could find information from your company or organization as easily as you could find a recipe or movie review?

Assuming for a moment that this magical world existed and every document, report, social activity, customer action and meeting note were available at your fingertips, what would you do with it?

Here’s an idea of what I think people will be able to do in the future:

Deliver mind-blowing customer service. Before you answer a support phone call, your CRM will automatically pull up the customer’s profile and support history based on the caller ID and login information. Your support department can operate with the golden rule – and treat customers exactly the way they want to be treated.

Solve problems more efficiently. Think about how many times organizations reinvent the wheel, as every division or department wrestles with similar problems. In a world with endless connected content, sharing information about best practices will be a snap.

Work from wherever. The idea of commuting to an office will seem a little old-fashioned in the future. As mobile content creation catches up to content consumption, having the option to work remotely will be the norm, not the exception. Why waste hours commuting when you can be more productive on the couch?

Waste less time in meetings and on email. Full disclosure, I loathe email. As the same social tools we use at home make it to the enterprise, email will become a notification tool, not a record for communication. Thankfully, real work will take place on social networks and collaboration tools.

How do you think connected content will change the world? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter.

  • http://twitter.com/shadrachwhite Shadrach White

    Email is a messaging tool. When you attach a file to a message you create an orphaned record with no way to provide ongoing discussion or revision control. Reversing this activity is a business imperative and will result in increased productivity and access to knowledge. This can create a new normal where content is always in context and the discussions and collaboration happen around the content instead of the other way around.

  • Ron Wolf

    Dan, this is so vague and also so similar to claims made for other platforms. There is much to say about the power & promise of file sharing & collaboration, so why so vague?

    Also CRM systems do exactly what you describe, so where is the value add?

  • keene

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