Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Having Trouble Accessing Content from a Box App? Don’t Fret: Your Files Are Fine


We’ve released a new version of Box for iPhone and iPad that addresses the issue below. Click here to download version 2.7.2 from iTunes.

If you tried to access your Box content recently from Box for iPhone or iPad, you may have noticed that something was up. Specifically, when you tried to access your content, you may have received an error page, or a page stating the file was “moved or deleted.” But don’t panic, your files are still safe and sound on Box, and none of your content was lost or deleted. We’ve just had a small blip in how our apps are pointing to those files.

The good news: We released a new version of the Box for iPhone and iPad that corrects this issue, so please download it now.  And don’t forget that all your content is still accessible in the normal ways through our website.

So what happened: Some of our apps (including our own iOS app) use an older version of our iOS SDK which, this morning, started to have trouble communicating properly with Box. For a more technical description, see our Developer blog.

We know you trust us with your business-critical content, so we always strive to let you know when you might experience something out of the ordinary. As always, we are working diligently to continue to earn that trust.


The Box Team

  • Kjjeep

    I just sent an email to box…. Instant response….great customer service……thank you…

  • Jon

    We are having the same problem on our trading platform so this appears to be a wider API issue than just IOS Apps. Just Spoken with Box support who said the developers are working in a fix but don’t have an idea of how long its going to take. Lest hopes its soon!


    Does this also include the problem that I am having of PDF Expert not syncing into the Box iPad App after I clicked thru and completed my purchase? Thanks.

  • Farid_a_khan

    when do we expect the the updated app to abe available,,,, this is causing a lot of rework and frustration.

  • Anonymous

    Any idea on an ETA? I picked this week to try to convince the office mobile users to switch to Box. It’s not going well…

    • Mark Saldana

      Sorry to hear that! We can’t give an ETA just yet, but do know that it will be fixed very soon.

      • Aaron Levie

        We have submitted our updated application to iTunes, and are waiting on their expedited review to get this in. We expect the new app to be live and available in the next day or so. We’re incredibly sorry for the inconvenience on this.

  • Danobrien2

    Yes, great customer service but no solution yet. Great!


    Ryan, May 02 11:44 am (PDT):

    Thanks for contacting Box.

    We have identified an issue where all files created after 10AM PDT on 5/1/12 are not viewable through some API methods.

    These files are still absolutely available through the web interface, and should be restored to the API very soon.

    For more information about this error please visit our blog at: http://blog.box.com/2012/05/having-trouble-accessing-content-from-a-box-app-dont-fret-your-files-are-fine/


  • Anonymous

    Hi all,

    That you for the feedback. We’ll have another update for you shortly.

  • Mark Saldana

    Hi all,

    Thank you for the feedback. We’ll have another update for you shortly.


  • Ole Tom

    Sorry., but your new fix does not seem to solve the problem. Still som files can not be viewed in Box for iPad. Same message as before….

  • Ustanwar

    Hi I am unable to access my files in BOX, pl help.