Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Take Teamwork to the Next Level with New Collaboration Features


These days, everyone’s trying to stay on top of important projects, update documents and collaborate with teammates – all at once. If you feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done, Box can help. We designed new features that will streamline your workflow and make your team a collaboration machine, so read on to learn how to get work done faster than ever.

Mention colleagues in comments

Inviting collaborators into a folder already helps connect you with all the right people, but have you ever wished you could reach out to one of them specifically, and make sure they pay attention to a certain document? The new comment mention feature helps you do just that. Just like in all your favorite social networking tools, type ‘@’ within your file comment to select a collaborator to mention. For example: “@Aaron Levie, I’m still waiting on your feedback.” The collaborator mentioned will receive an email and see the mention in their updates stream, so they’re sure to get the message. The feature is live now, so log in to your account to give it a try.

Assign and manage tasks in the comment stream

Want to make things a little more formal? Assign your collaborators a task. Any comment can be turned into a task: to review, to approve or reject or to update. Once assigned, all collaborators can track the task’s progress, leave feedback and help move the project forward – right inside the comments thread. Need it done by a certain date? Not a problem, just assign a due date and the assignee will know when you expect them to deliver by. Tasks are coming soon for all users.

Post a new comment via email

We’ve also made it seamless and simple to respond to any comment or leave feedback on a file. In the next few weeks, you’ll be able to reply to a comment email notification from Box and your response will be captured in the document’s comment stream. You can even reply on-the-go, using your mobile device’s email client!

Revise content quickly with Box Edit

Finally, available as a beta download for all users, you can now edit content directly from file preview pages with Box Edit. The free download for Mac or Windows recognizes when you have native applications installed on your computer for editing that type of file, and lets you quickly make changes and save the revised content back to Box. Get more details and download the beta now.

Check out all the new collaboration features and let us know what you think below or on Twitter @BoxHQ.

  • Teza

    Shame that doesn’t work on Linux.

    • Alf

      I agree

    • Nicholas

      Better Linux support would be excellent.

  • Michael Lynton

    I’m curious where the option to “add to calendar” went. Previously, there was a checkbox for that when creating the task, which would put it on the assigner and assignee’s calendars. I hope this is still out there somewhere…

    • Nikolay Sitkarev

      Agree, I also eager to get a better google calendar integration.

  • Flloydkennedy

    Is this feature going to work on iPad?

  • Võ Trọng Dũng

    like box

  • i_jessica


    As much as we like many of the features and interfaces with a growing mass of 3rd party products, it would be beneficial for Box to consider advance notifications to enterprise account owners of upcoming changes – not the day OF the change – and for Box to strengthen its SQA efforts so the product is more thoroughly tested prior to release.

  • Gustavo Posada

    The logo for this reminded me of Google chrome logo

    • Anonymous

      haha! very true! was thinking the same

      • Shaun


  • Tealknight

    Don’t let the momentum slow down! Keep it up Folks !!!! … ℒℐℛ

  • jonathanfleming

    Very cool and useful for our real estate company, keep it coming!

  • Cruel Bapcyk

    Все в поряде!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeffchen0914

    no support chinese language

    • Tangloong


  • Benj

    Would be great to see Box Edit integrated into Box Sync so I don’t have to have two utilities running.

  • Theprabhdeepsingh

    its nice to see box grow!!

  • Julio César Barreto

    Felicitaciones a todo el equipo de Box que hace posible que surjan nuevas alternativas, para el mejoramiento profesional de dicha empresa. Continúen los éxitos.

  • Hjchthcn


  • Anne Kraak Jessen

    Nu må jeg se om jeg har gjordt det rigtig

  • Toni__diaz

    ssd ddd

  • Jim0103

    The space total have 50G is very nice

  • victor cardoso

    It’s a good tool!

  • Suyantotf

    It is a amazing box, guy!

  • Francisco Angulo

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    puedes leerla en

  • Kushal Jayswal

    It is really good :)

  • Smadden

    Overall the collaboration features remind me of lotus notes back in the day. Will be awesome when we can put “hotspots” inside documents and assign tasks/responses for them. Whoot whoot

  • Phil Tremble

    Box Edit beta is very good. Suggestion for a new feature is the ability to create a NEW doc in Excel, Word etc, and have the ability to Save As direct to a Box folder – instead of saving it to C: drive, then going to Box web interface and Uploading the new file to Box. Aside from that, it’s a very good improvement in the usability of Box.

    • Tristan Day

      You can already do this – it’s part of box office connect and it adds “save to box” to the “file” ribbon.


    Welcome to the design team.

  • Ywchyang

    i’m loving it!

  • Igasindiricilar

    i like box

  • Cyd Noble

    Tasks assignments are good but old school. Like Google Docs you should have instant up date as you typ one letter the shared doc should up date instantly and auto saved while typing one letter or a book.

  • Cyd Noble

    There should be streaming videos service period. How about BOX Stream and Record, while sharing that stream, you are recording it.

  • Jay Formosa

    like this.

  • game420
  • briggs

    good stuff. now I’m waiting for Box to roll out a full project management suite…

  • cmann

    Does box offer a workflow app, or product that would allow once a task has been approved or compeleted moved automatically to another folder. Maybe a business rule could be applied. The idea would be to have invoice documents on box for supervisor’s to approve, once approved would be forwarded to folder for accounting. Really like the product, would like to apply business rules.

  • noel buscagan