Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Infographic: How Big is 50 GB? Get Your FREE Space Today!


Still haven’t claimed your free space in the cloud? No worries: If you have an Android device, simply download our app in the Android market to get it now. Once you log in, you’ll have 50 GB on Box to use anywhere – just like magic.

Curious what you can do with all that space? Check out the infographic below, where you’ll find a few fun stats and suggestions. For instance, did you know there are more bits in 50 GB than there are people in the world? Or that you could upload the complete works of William Shakespeare to your 50 GB Box account…10,000 times? English majors, rejoice!

Take a look below or download it here:

P.S. Have you voted for your favorite submissions in the Box Mobile Giveaway? Voting closes tomorrow, so tweet and share your favorite entries today!

  • chase bockman

    keep it simple

  • Fernando Ramirez

    i have a Samsung Galaxy Gio, I want to take advantage of the offer….

  • Raul Saavedra

    Ironically this page attempts to show graphically how big 50 GB are, but the graphics are wrong. The 1 GB circle shown is clearly waaaaaaaaay off with respect to the 1 MB one.

    For the given orange circle claimed to be 1 MB, the 1 GB circle should have had 1000x that area, or in other words, more than 30x the radius of the 1 MB circle. That means the diameter of the 1 GB circle would hardly fit the diagonal of a 32″ monitor.

    • Abelardo D

      shut up…hate negative ppl always complain about all

      • Trolllollo

        Aren’t you now a negative person complaining about negative ppl?

        • Abelardo D

          ok yes, you’re a troll, lol

    • The Oracle

      Raul don’t you have anything else to do you unproductive member of society? What contributions have you made to the world. That’s right 0. Loser!

    • Bangarang

      looks like we have an infographic nazi right here.

  • Guest

    Blackberry Playbook owners are eligible for this too.. why are we left out of the ad?

  • Impappac

    What about Cloud for the I phone?

  • Mike A

    I have a Kindle Fire android tablet and can’t access the Android Market. How can I download the apk?

  • Jumumusic

    I have a Nook Tablet, I want to take advantage of the offer…

  • Vochieu

    Amazing, thanks alot

  • Deborah Harlow

    downloaded the app to my Android and just tweet’d the great news – yay!!! slainte!

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  • rebecca0196

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