Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Box and latakoo Make Video Uploads Faster than Ever


If you work on projects that require regularly sharing video files between parties, you know the process of uploading can take longer than you’d like. Sure, you could go back and try to sneak in beating that elusive Angry Birds level while your files upload, or even go get another cup of coffee, but let’s be frank: That’s not exactly a scalable solution.

What does scale is anything that improves your productivity by saving time, especially when it comes to uploading videos. That’s why we’re excited to announce a new integration with video management provider latakoo. latakoo employs a one-click utility to shrink and convey large HD and SD video files in minutes instead of hours. Available today, latakoo subscribers can push their videos to Box faster than ever.

latakoo’s online platform is already being used by television news stations, public relations agencies, and numerous large corporate enterprises. Give their service a whirl today by going here.

  • sell my cell phone

    Indeed it takes time to upload not just to download and this sure is a great platform to easy such issue.

  • Mjka

    latakoo is the fastest way to move video. And, I love it that I can now just go from latakoo to my Box account.

  • RogueTDR

    Finally a solution to spending hours and hours uploading video. Where have you been latakoo? Very affordable and easy platform to negotiate. Thanks Box!

  • Michelle Moon Reinhardt

    As a video producer/director working with crews around the globe, I’ve been looking for a tool that would allow me to organize photos, documents, graphics and video all in one place. Latakoo moves video quickly – and without a loss of quality – making it a perfect fit with Box. Collaboration made easy and fast!

  • Salami

    Ah, I love latakoo! The sharing feature is my favorite part! I make funny videos all the time and send them to my friend in New York. I love the fact that I can send it to her and ONLY she can see it if I make it private. I can even select “No resharing” so she doesn’t show others and embarrass me! Also, I’ve been at SXSW all week and I’ve been uploading video like no other! The fast uploads have saved me and made my life so much easier! THANKS!!!!

  • Nathan Niehuus

    It’s an awesome add-on for anyone that uses video and an excellent stand-alone service. Highly recommended

  • VoiceyVideoLLC

    I work with video at all different levels of record type/file and Latakoo has been my only trusted delivery tool.
    Just yesterday I took an MXF video directly from my P2 camera and dragged it into Latakoo Flight, it worked amazingly well. So for the simplest, fastest, native transfer I suggest you consider trying Latakoo/Box and see for yourself. Also, with Latakoo you can always easily delete or see your own content, whenever you want to.
    -Todd/voiceyvideo llc

  • David Morris

    latakoo is super fast and great. We use it corporate wide, and it has almost completely taken the place of our FTP servers. There compression ratio is unbelievable.

  • Ben Werdmuller

    We’re pretty excited about this integration over at latakoo. Box is a fantastic enterprise service, and we’re really happy to be helping its customers send, store and share email more easily.

  • Alex

    This is sweet. For a second I thought I might miss watching the upload bar inch across the screen. Nope.

  • Rudy De La Cruz, Jr.

    Latakoo’s video service is excellent! As a new business owner, I plan to recommend it to my customers in need of this kind of application. I was sold when I was able to conduct all activities from my iPhone 4S from filming the footage, compressing the video, logging into my account, and sending it to my colleague by email for review – all in a matter of minutes. Good going. Latakoo!
    Rudy De La Cruz, Jr., MPA, MA
    Apriori Endeavors

  • Larry Baker Productions L.L.C.

    I have used Latakoo for feeding many stories to TV stations and for Producers to review shows. It is by far the best quality and simple system to use. This will be a great marriage of two great products.

  • Stephen

    Really great quality video quickly. After using the service for nearly a year it has become indispensable. As a freelance videographer it makes sense to send video fast with latakoo. Not only is it great for sending video fast but with the simple and easy to use buttons I also post all my video on my website, Facebook and YouTube.