Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Android Users Get 50GB FREE. Get Your #Box50GB by March 23rd!


This promotion has ended, but don’t fret! If you have an Xperia or LG Android device, you can take advantage of our 50 GB offer until December 31, 2012. 

We already announced an all-new version of Android today with more features and European language support, but still have more great stuff to tell you about. We’re now offering 50GB to to all Android users, so read on to get all the important details.

Free Space in the Cloud for Android Users

One of our big goals is to make it easy for users to access and manage their content from anywhere, without worrying about storage limitations. That’s why we’re making your Android-powered device even more powerful by giving you 50GB in the cloud. Yup, you heard us right: Now any Box personal user who downloads Box for Android will get 50GB free for life.  

This promotion ends on Friday, March 23, 2012 at 11:59pm PST, so grab your free 50GB on Box by following these steps:

1. Visit the Android Marketplace and download Box for Android
2. Log into your account or register for a new one directly from the app
3. Start sharing and collaborating in the cloud
4. (optional but recommended) Tell the world how you’ll use your 50GB with the hashtag #Box50GB

In addition to getting a storage bump, your file upload limit will jump, too;  you’ll be able to upload files up to 100MB  – like photos, presentations and documents – in your Box account for easy, quick access from anywhere. And remember, you can access your 50GB from any device – whether it’s a laptop, desktop, phone or tablet. We think you’ll like it.

Please note: To activate the new version of Box for Android, you’ll need to grant permission for the app to access your contacts – we only use this data to quickly retrieve email addresses for the invite collaborator feature, and don’t store any contact information on Box’s servers. 

Have questions about our 50GB promotion? Check out our FAQ here or leave a comment below.

  • Parotheparrot

    Why only for Android – sucks! :-(

    • Joe

      Because iPhone has too many…

      • Anonymous

        And what about Symbian and WP users?

    • Anonymous

      iOS had this promo last year. that’s when i got my 50GB. iPod Touch!

    • jrr

      download the SDK, run the emulator, install google apps, get box app from market, sign in

    • Anonymous

      Use anything that uses webdav – box is webdav compatible. I don’t like the “access your contacts” thing though. I didn’t update to new version because of it.

  • Anton Chigin

    I don’t have twitter at all lol, and you provide only hashtag option

  • Jcoreymail

    When should your Dropbox account change to show 50GB? I installed today and logged in on an Android phone and my account shows 2.5GB (extra over 2GB from inviting others to join). “automatically” makes me think the change should be immediate…

  • Niels

    @ jcoreymail It’s for Box not DropBox….

  • Anonymous

    How about a desktop client for personal users next? :-)

  • Guest

    Your account servers seems to be pretty loaded. Unable to register :(

  • Treppenlift

    how to get these offers ???

  • 1990konger


  • Panthep

    I have free plan for 1gb file size limit and 15gb storage. If I upgrade my app to get 50 gb storage, will my file size limit drop to 100mb?

  • Robert Olsen

    Excellent. Think this might drive me away from Dropbox which I have been using for years and have a paid account on.

  • Aleksey Kapustin

    If i have 50 gb from sony, will i have 100 gb, if i will execute the rules ??

  • Thecyberpope

    Without a desktop sync for windows, i don’t think much of the new users will be users for long….. But thanks for the offer.

  • Jack

    I can backup my photos with #Box50GB.

  • Ramblin’ rick

    Great deal… I am now a Box user… Also posted a blog article to encourage others:

  • Buwaneka

    Got it.. Thanks box…

  • Mark Ulyanov

    >Without a desktop sync for windows, i don’t think much of the new users will be users for long….. But thanks for the offer.

    Totally agree, to retain users you absolutely must copy dropbox’s approach:
    – PC sync software for all major OS which would sync user-selected folders
    – client for all mobile OS should practically copy DropSync (unofficial client for dropbox) – where you can select folders from the cloud to be synced to mobile device, and sync them either automatically or manually.

    Without these two items, cloud storage is totally useless.

  • donald zuchowski

    only 100mb in size limit per file? i had to get the paid version to upload my 5.x gb of data from drop box. drop box is both good and bad… bad in the sense that if you delete from the sync folder then its gone in the cloud as well….

    • Carlos Mora Salguero

      that is why it is called sync… hehe

  • Rodg

    I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia with Android but don’t get 100GB (50gb as xperia user and 50gb for the android part) did I do something wrong? because 50gb is nice but 100gb is better :P

    • Pero


  • Liao Danny

    I got it ! 50GB.WOW!

  • Francois d’Arundel de Condé

    You can “sync” with Windows with the extension for Chrome.

    • Abelardo D

      seriously?? searching for it now

    • Anonymous

      This isn’t the case. It simply opens the box web application.

  • Edinm

    How long time, do I got these 50GB?

  • Iurie Solomon

    it would be great if i could reedit my story that i submited there

  • How Do i Use Android?

    This is great! I’m going to spread the word too.

  • Eran Abramson

    Great way to maintain a unit of files, collaborators and sufficient storage for an Online business…those Galaxy Tabs could really help an extra forward push

  • Jeremy Hodges

    GREAT! Love the service and the android app has been great. I updated a few days ago, when do the changes take effect?

  • Math_teacher

    If I change tablets or update my phone, do I lose my cloud storage??

    • Djkaran7411


  • Djkaran7411

    your giveaway is good but your service is too bad add features of dropbox they are realy far far ahead than u man

  • Teqnine

    I don’t understand how people can say this is no good because it doesn’t sync like such and such… YOU’RE GETTING 50 GBS OF FREE, I repeat FREE STORAGE. What part of that didn’t sound right?? Geesh, some people can always find something to complain about.. even about free stuff!!

    • Anonymous

      There is no such thing as FREE. If it’s FREE, you’re the product being sold.

    • RipRap

      Please look up the word “gullible” . Also check for SOLD tattooed somewhere on your forehead.

  • Feliphe Queiróz

    Ótimo já estamos usando na empresa! 50GB free :) Thanks Box Find US

  • Jobs Geek

    Too bad I have an iPhone. Not… but glad to see this ad on twitter, never knew about you guys until now.

  • Ricardo Molina Peña


  • Pc-rubriek De Monitor

    nice offer, might write a Dutch blog item on it:

  • Cablebaby

    ” in your Box account for easy, quick access from anywhere. And remember, you can access your 50GB from any device – whether it’s a laptop, desktop, phone or tablet.”

    Read the screen guys

  • Ashley Lambrecht

    got my 50GB!! thanks guys :)

  • Anonymous

    telling the world

  • Kumararyan86

    Downloaded apps from market and registered through apps itself but after logging in app crashes so unable to get 50 gb upgrade
    so sad.device -spice mi-280

  • David Berger

    I have tried this with a personal account. My school is rolling out an enterprise account, and I’m still at 10gb.

  • android

    I always get an error message hen I try to login: “check your network connection and try again”

  • Rasmus

    This will give me an option to store all my photos in the cloud storage so I don’t have to have them all on my phone.

  • vietnam

    i has just logged in box on my android device but still 5GB storage?not upgrade to 50GB?

  • Gary Bexter

    50GB free wonderful file storage

    Packing Boxes

  • Grace

    Why I cannot get the 50g even though my registration is made on March 22, 2012/

  • tak


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  • Homeless Puppy


  • Atulshetty

    I still dont have my 50 GB ?

    I have an Asus Transformer Prime running Android _ i downloaded the app yesterday

  • Johnster

    Another great free cloud service is introduced at this video:

  • Bianco Bianco

    Telling everyone I know!!! Love the Box and the 50 free gigs. :) Sync works great!