Monday, December 12th, 2011

We’ve Changed for the Better and Our Website Has, Too


A few weeks ago, we announced our move from to – while we definitely shed a tiny tear when we ditched .net, we were also really glad to get a new url to better represent everything we do. As part of our move from “” to just “Box” (it’s cleaner), we’re also very happy to debut our new marketing site! If you head over to – just the site, not your Box account – you’ll see that everything has been completely redesigned to be more accessible, more informative and easier on the eyes. Check out some of the new pages to learn more about Box features, our customers and what it’s like to work at Box HQ.

To commemorate how much we’ve grown over the past 6 years, we also put together a fun timeline with some the most important (and most interesting) moments in Box history. It’s chock full of fun tidbits about Box’s humble beginnings. Check it out below:

One more thing: You can now find us at on Twitter @BoxHQ. If you’re already following us, there’s no need to do anything special, as this name change doesn’t affect our followers. If you’re not following us yet, what are you waiting for? Click here to get updates about Box right in your timeline.

I’m very excited about all these big changes, and hope you are, too. Keep an eye out, as the new year – which will surely usher in some major updates – is right around the corner.

  • Chris Brophy

    Your success story is amazing guys!

  • Nit Picker

    Great story folks!

    PS: Now, hire a proofreader :-) (hint: top left para, one with the Poker stuff)

  • Anonymous

    Well, I will be checking it out after having an acount for years akthough I rareky use it,

  • Annoymous

    Isn’t it a fundamental marketing faux pas to have the direction of any time-line or trend chart head in the downward direction? Just a thought.

  • Vinous22

    you guy are doing good job .

  • uepsilon //

    Revert the timeline please! It’s a marketing no go!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andy

    How do you know when you’ve made it? (here’s a real answer for you) ‘When I can get 50+years executives to work and collaborate on line – And I did! Yes they are using Box!

  • Amillionhomes

    Yes the Timeline should point up

  • Kaydy69

    Mmm, yeah i like box to. It will only get better.

  • Dlomusic

    Box is really the best app… I am a singer so i have all my documents and lyrics with me all the time, thx to the box!! When I nee it, it’s right there in seconds!! So thx for this wonderfull app

  • Vipinarora

    vry interesting !!

  • Punzer4

    so, what will happen to our old box file address?

  • Viola Toronto

    I really like the timeline you created – what did you use to design it?