Thursday, December 8th, 2011

All-New Updates to Box for iPhone and iPad


Following our recent 50GB giveaway for iOS devices, the popularity of our mobile app has exploded – we now have more than a million Box for iPhone and iPad users, and a big part of that number represents new or existing Box users bringing their devices into the workplace. We’ve received great feedback from customers about what else would enhance their productivity, and with these users in mind, the Box mobile team has been hard at work adding the features to make working from your iPhone or iPad a breeze.

As a result, we’re excited to introduce the updated Box for iPhone and iPad. With an all-new code base, you’ll notice right away that the app is faster, more stable and easier to navigate. We’ve also added:

Video and Photo Upload: We’ve added the ability to create new folders and upload videos and photos to your Box account directly from your iPhone or iPad. This makes it simple to share files fast when you’re on the go and keep all your content organized – and safely stored – on Box. Certain workers, like those on a construction site, can use this feature to update the home office instantly with images of site progress.

Full-Text Search: To help you access all that content quickly from your phone or tablet, we’ve also added full-text search to the app. Locate individual files or folders in just a few taps, helping you quickly find exactly what file you need from wherever you are – even if you’re collaborating with hundreds of colleagues on terabytes of information.

Favorites for Offline: And for all those road warriors, you can now mark individual files or even whole folders as favorites for offline access. This will allow you to open them at any time, even when there’s no Internet connection available (you’ll also be able to browse the All Files tab any time). If you’re one of the many Box customers that loves being able to access important content from the road, this feature will make sure you’ll always have those files on hand, no matter what.

Download the app here to test out the new features, today.

We hope these features will make for an even more connected and productive workforce. It’s no surprise that mobile has fully infiltrated the enterprise this year – we’ve seen a massive increase of 30X more mobile-driven deployments so far in 2011 compared with all of 2010. More businesses are helping their employees work effectively from the road and across the globe, especially considering nearly 60% of all corporate employees access content outside the office with their mobile phones or tablets. Box customers like Clear Channel, Taylor Made and O2 Media are no exception to this rule.

We’re excited about these new features in Box for iPhone and iPad and what’s ahead for Box mobile in 2012. As always, we love your feedback so leave us your thoughts below on the updated app!

  • General Public

    desktop sync or it’s worthless.

  • Bryan Brannon

    How about desktop syncing app for my 50GB?

  • Marin 18-barce7_masa 9

    Dream Friend

  • Martin

    Nice, but what’s with features like “delete” (Dropbox and SugarSync) or “copy, move and rename” (SugarSync) for the BOX-iPad-App.?

    • Mark Saldana

      Hi Martin,

      We’re always working on new features, so please stay tuned.

  • Sudin

    How do I delete a file?

    • Mark Saldana

      Unfortunately, you can’t delete a file via the Box app for iPhone or iPad – not yet, anyway.

  • Theo Neerudu

    I signed on my iPhone and still don’t see 50GB space on my account???

    I would appreciate the additional storage.


    • Olga_i

      The 50GB free upgrade was only availbe until December 2nd…

  • Sell Old Electronics

    Awesome, but its quite bothering to not be able to delete a file.

  • Anonymous

    How can I upload a whole folder?
    I can’t find a way to choose several pictures for upload.
    It’s a hassle to upload one by one.

    • Thom Allen

      too bad you can’t. it’s the one feature they won’t give you because it’s a way to get you to upgrade.

      • Anonymous

        Jeg er på reise. Tilbake den 6. Januar 2012 I am back from travell the 6th of Jaunary 2012 Birger

  • Dellk357

    When can we see a WebDAV feature for Pages, Numbers, & Keynote???


  • Wisher

    My wish list:

    Upload from Pages (iPad, iPhone) like I can now to iDisk

    Upload folders from PC- single files only will take forever!!!

    Delete from iDevice (less urgent, but would be great)

  • Olga_i

    I had problems with this app for iPhone 4S, because when you try to upload multiple photos you can only do it one at a time. I took about 30 photos over the weekend, and wanted to upload them all into one folder to share with my friends and was not able to stop for 30 minutes just to wait for each photo to upload individually. I think that would be the only feature that would drive the DropBox market to Box, because dropbox aready has this feature where you can click on as many photos and videos you like and it uploads them all at one time.

  • Qbanito

    LASD forms in Adobe take foreever to open, stalls when making changes, and forever to print.. any chance we might get the forms in Word form?

  • Lololo

    why not upload images in iphone app in original resolution??
    Sorry for my bad english.

  • Halim Ngah

    Badly needing BASIC editing functions such as copy, paste, duplicate, move, rename and delete for files and folders on iOS, or is it because of iCloud that we are not getting these basic functions and we should not put any hope of getting them ever?

  • Alex

    The lack of true file functions on iOS devices is the true reason I can’t still adopt Box for professional everyday work.