Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Will Your Business Survive the Mobile Device Invasion?


With mobile devices becoming a ubiquitous – and necessary – part of our lives, the line between consumer and business technology is more blurred than ever. Workers are bringing their own devices into the office, and asking IT to make it easy for them to access business content from anywhere. But because these devices have different operating systems and configurations, managing all of them can be a pretty big challenge for IT.

So how do you go about choosing the right mobile device management solution? To start, download Vendor Landscape: Mobile Device Management, where you’ll learn what’s new in the MDM market, and about the pros and cons of leading MDM vendors (like AirWatch, a Box client).

Take the first step toward mobile device organization and download the report today.

  • Kevin Neal

    Hi Mark,

    I enjoyed reading your report. I realize that MDM was the focus of this project however there are two points that, as an industry, we should more carefully consider for the benefit of organizations making well-informed decisions regarding mobile devices. One, ease of use by the applications themselves to ‘contribute information’ instead of ‘consumption of information’. You wrote yourself in the introduction: “access business content from anywhere”. Access is vital, but what about contribution? I feel that’s just as, if not more important, to be able to contribute images and related search terms to these systems while on-the-go. Real-time transactions are critically valuable to an efficient enterprise.

    Secondly, the development platform selected by the vendor. I am personally neutral on this subject, at this point, but I would like to see some opinions (with pros and cons) on the debate. The question is whether developers want to (1) build native applications for various mobile devices, (2) develop a pure web-based application using HTML5, for example, or use (3) a hybrid approach using some technology from both the mobile device as well as web technology.