Monday, November 28th, 2011

PSA: Get Your Free #Box50GB Before It’s too Late!


As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Box is giving away 50 GB free to anyone who uses Box for iPhone, iPad or iPod. The only catch: You must claim your space in the cloud before this Friday, December 2 at midnight, PST. Once you obtain your free storage, it’s yours forever, so make sure you – and your friends – take advantage of this offer before it’s over! Download the app now.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve given you more than a few tips about how to use your space to be more productive; whether you’re in the office or at home, Box makes it really easy to get things done faster than ever. Be sure to check out the blog this week for more tips and tricks before our promotion ends.

  • Peter Mullen

    Hey, how come you no do the same for Android? I have an Android smartphone and tab?

  • Cristobal Diaz

    same here why dont you make this offer available for android os to??

  • mobilefreak

    Typical. None for Android.

  • Droidsareforlosers

    Dude…I’m so bummed this is only for IPhone!!!


    • DroidsAbout2xIphones

      Let’s not get testy – “iPhone – be the in the minority”

      The graphs tell the plain truth with Android passing Apple iOS around Oct. 2010 and now almost 2x. Let’s get box support on the major platforms.

      “The latest numbers from ComScore state that Android market share has grown by 4.6 percent points since June 2011, closing with 44.8 percent in September. Apple iOS market shares have also grown with 0.8 percentage points over June, gaining 27.4 percent of the US smartphone.”

  • Dick Beery

    I went through the process, but site still says I have only 25gig? So what do I do?

  • JL

    I Have hust got 5gb, not 50gb

  • Oscar

    I am uninstalling this from my Android

  • Tom Arana-Wolfe

    Please acknowledge us Android users. I just received my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which according to the reviewers blows the iPhone 4S out of the water. Why would you not offer the same to a superior devices as well as another OS?

    Otherwise, I might have to cancel my newly purchased 1 year subscription.

  • MS

    It is a BAD business strategy for Box to glorify iPad / iPhone and IGNORE Android. As a longtime Box customer, I am becoming increasingly disenchanted with all this. Please, PLEASE extend the #Box50GB special offer to your Android users. (It’s no secret Android is more suitable to extensive business use than IOS.)

  • Camille Hage

    They did not ignore android owners.
    The Sony Ericsson Xperia series are getting this feature too.
    For the other manufacturers, some of them have already teamed with other cloud storage companies (e.g. HTC); they’re loss.

    Thank you this generous offer!

  • Waree

    Why only android, what about other user ? There still millions of user that have symbian smartphones all over the world…

  • Larkins Dsouza

    Sony Ericsson Xperia users are getting free 50GB

  • Jason Pepene

    Just signed up with the Box Android App from my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc…only 5GB!?!?!?

  • Salim Nensi

    What about BB users? Can we also get in on the deal??

  • Shane Monroe

    Yeah, guess I’m out too – I have an Android phone. Back to DropBox.

  • Polishedstylesd

    Love, love, love you for doing this!!! Great way to promote your services and bring in those “non-cloud” users!! BRAVO!

  • Emanuel Tarcea

    Hi, I just signed up for Box via iPhone app, but when I check on my desktop version it says I only have 5 Gb of space, not 50 :(

  • 0314wang

    I didn’t get the 50G promotion after I log-in with my iPad!! What happened??!

  • 0314wang

    I didn’t get the 50G promotion after I log in with my iPad(App)!! What’s happened??

  • Hjk

    Nope, only 5 gb availiable. Beware, false advertising?

  • Waree

    I bought X Peria Ray yesterday, how to get the free 50G ?

  • Daniel

    my account did not upgrade to 50GB – tried to re-install again but did not work…

  • Nettenicole

    how to upgrade my account to 50GB?? please help

  • Steve C

    Was excited to hear about the 50GB for iOS devices based on MacLife’s article and review. Even found it on the home page. Installed it – hmmm, only 5GB. Trolling around, discover it expired last week. Bummer. 5GB is not enough of an incentive to leave Dropbox. Maybe if the 50GB option is brought back for an encore performance…