Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

iPad and iPhone Users Get 50 GB FREE. Get Your #Box50GB Now!


This 50 GB promo for iOS ended in December 2011. If you have an Xperia or LG Android device, check out our active 50 GB promos to learn how to get free space in the cloud.

As evidenced by the overwhelming crowds during past iPhone and iPad launches, it’s clear that our lives revolve around mobile. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we’re giving away 50 GB of free storage to anyone who uses a free Box Personal account on an iOS device. That’s right, it’s 50 GB in the cloud completely free, forever. Your 50 GB of storage isn’t just limited to your mobile device – you get it anywhere you use your Box account, like on your laptop at home or your desktop at the office.

This promotion only runs for 50 days, so get your free space in the cloud by following these steps:

  1. Visit the app store and download the Box app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
  2. Log in to your account or register for a new one directly from the app
  3. Start sharing and collaborating in the cloud
  4. (optional but recommended) Tell the world how you’ll use your 50 GB with the hashtag #Box50GB :)

Keep in mind you’ll need to download or update to the newest Box for iPhone and iPad app, version 2.4.3, then log into Box in order to get 50 GB. Something else cool: Your account will have an increased file size upload limit of 100MB instead of the usual 25MB!

We also updated our app with a few features that’ll make your free 50 GB even more powerful. Using AirPlay, you can now wirelessly stream Box content to an Apple TV for effortless projection of photos, videos, presentations and more. Of course, Box gets even better when you use it with others, so be sure to tell your friends, colleagues, and really, anyone with an iOS device to take advantage of this offer before it’s over.

When we originally launched our iPhone app three years ago, we suspected our users would get pretty pumped about sharing and collaborating from anywhere. In addition to the tremendous amount of interest we’ve seen with our own app, mobile adoption across the entire tech industry has been massive. For example, analysts estimate that over 100 million people will have iPads or iPhones by the end of this year; to put that figure in perspective, that’s larger than the entire population of France by a pretty huge margin – nearly 30 million.

The future of mobile is about being free of storage restrictions and closed systems. With this offer, all iOS users will see the benefit of having all of their critical information available at their fingertips, from anywhere. And if you’re already using Box, I’m sure you won’t mind getting some extra room in the cloud. Be on the lookout for tips, contests and other info about your free 50 GB over the next 50 days.

Welcome to the cloud!

  • Anonymous

    “12:01 AM on Friday” you say? What timezone?

    Anyways, a very generous promotion!

    • Mark Saldana

      That would be PST :). Changed the post so everyone knows – thanks for asking!

  • daishan

    Nice promo! Why, oh why, does this not apply to android users?

    • fantastesticals



    • Applefanboi

      Because android is crap and for cheap retards. If you want it – pay up for an iPhone. If you want to stay with cheap shit – you can’t expect to get first class treatment.

      • Tom Hermans

        Yeah, I’ll pay way-too-much-money-for-what-it-is for that underfeatured, underperforming iCrap to get a bonus on box.. that seems sensible.. #idiot

        • Anonymous

          Think about that “pay way too much money” crack in the context of 50Gb of free storage.

  • Jonas

    Great promotion!

    Doest it matter if you download and register the app today or do you have to do it during the 50-day period?

    • Mark Saldana

      Hi Jonas,

      You have to do it during the 50-day period. Just register your account on Friday and you’ll be good to go.

  • Guest

    I registered for Box today via my Iphone… will I still get the 50 GB space or do I have to delete my account with you and re-register it?

    • Guest

      The 2nd step says that you can “log in to your account or register” so I’m assuming the space will just show up with you log into the latest version of the app.

  • Phil

    I was wondering if the file size limit (25MB/file for free account) will stay the same though?

    • Mark Saldana

      Hi Phil,

      The limit is 100mb for this promotion.

      • David Fabian

        This limit is kind of disappointing, because I would like to use the service to share video project files I’m working on with a colleague. Some of the files are significantly bigger than 100mb.

        • Billy

          Then try paying for the service.

        • mynameaintyao

          I knew there was a catch to this promotion … 100MB file size limit is going to be problematic for things like mail files

          • Paul The Book Guy

            Will work for my podcast clips, but might not work for sharing entire episodes (most of our podcasts are encoded in a high quality mp3 format) still, 100mb is decent for free.

  • Jthansen

    What about android users or users from other platforms? Excellent promo, but it seems a bit discriminatory if you confine it to users of a single platform.

    • Peter

      They did it for WebOS already.

  • Anonymous

    not working for me… I’m an existing user, logged out an in again on the iPhone but nothings seems to happen. Did I miss something

    • Alan

      Yes, Friday at 12:01 PST.

      • Anonymous

        oh, right… totally missed that one :D

  • Jason macchioni

    I have a personal account, do I need to do anything to get the 50? By the way this is Pretty awesome!

    • Mark Saldana

      All you need to do is download the app after 12am PST, this Friday. Simple as that :).

      • FriendlySuggestion

        The post should be amended to state that. As it stands it states “tonight at midnight” when the post is clearly posted on 10/12/2011, not 10/13/2011.

      • MrDisco

        I just downloaded the app and created an account. am i shut out of the 50gb upgrade? :(

  • Anonymous

    thanks for posting this and not enabling it immediately.

    • Mark Saldana

      We just wanted to give people a heads up. Apologies for any inconvenience.

  • Tony Sharp

    Wow. Definitely looking forward to this. Thank you!

  • Tony Sharp

    Wow. Definitely looking forward to this. Thank you!

  • Pierre

    Why iOS users ? What about Android users, you know, the other 2/3rd of smartphones users… ?

    • BoredAsHeck

      Even HP got this deal before Android users. How’s it feel to be left out in the cold?

  • Pierre

    Why iOS users ? What about Android users, you know, the other 2/3rd of smartphones users… ?

  • Alex_Dedalus

    Log in just about now on my iPhone (with existing 5 GB free account) & nothing changed…still have only 5 GB, is this normal ?

    • Mark Saldana

      Hey Alex,

      This starts on friday at 12 am PST.

      • Smallestoceans

        I didn’t get the 50gig either. Will we be automatically updated from 5gig to 50?

        • Anonymous

          you have to download the newest version of the app from the app store and then sign-in to see the 50 GB update.

  • Apple

    For android users, simple fix is go download itunes. Make an account. Go to apple store. Download the app on the device. Create account get 50GB space. Go to the phone’s settings and scroll down to Store. Click on logout so it logs you out of your itunes account. Also remember to delete the App off the phone.

    • ????

      Pls could you explain it a little bit more? I understand to create an account for iTunes on my PC and now?

      • Anonymous

        you would have to actually go to an apple store, download the app on one of the display devices, sign-in to your account and you will get the 50 gb update.

        dont forget to go to settings on the display device —> store –> click on apple id, this will sign you out of that device so that nobody can use your itunes account on the display.

    • Jamie Anderson

      I don’t know if you’re trolling or not.

      You want someone to install iTunes and buy an app from the Apple App Store… to install on an Android device. Never mind that the Apple store only sells apps that run on iOS devices.

      If you don’t currently own an iPhone or an iPad, the only way to get the 50GB upgrade is to sign in using someone else’s iOS device.

  • Stimey

    Absolutely awesome! Thanks Box!

    • sam

      i could net get mine updated its after midnight here in California. how did you do it?

  • Allen Vincent

    So, if I sign up now, it won’t work? I’m on British Summer Time.

  • Mike Bryan

    Very sad I missed this promo for Android users… was playing in the Blackberry sandbox for awhile, didn’t pay attention lol…

  • Ian Greulich

    1 – I created a new account from my iPhone, and did not get the 50gb.
    2 – You guys (the commenters) keep saying ‘Starting Friday..’ but the post very clearly states promotion starts midnight tonight (10/12/2011). I downloaded the app and created my account on (10/13/2011)
    3 – What do I need to do to get the 50gb?

    • Mark Saldana

      Hi Ian,

      The promotion starts at midnight tonight, so 12am PST on 10/14/2011. Apologies for the confusion! You’ll get a notification in the app when you can get your 50 GB.

      • John

        So Mark, just to be clear . . .

        I have an account and am running 2.4.2. If I download the new version of Box (2.4.3) after midnight PST 10/14/2011, my 5gb account will automatically be upgraded to a 50gb account at no charge? Please clarify.

        • Anonymous


        • Guest

          Didn’t he just say this? Should they cut and past the whole terms and conditions page as well?

  • ZlateWay

    When this will be available in CET zone? I’m from Macedonia.

  • modsuperstar

    Your blog post is still unclear as far as the time. I know by reading the comments it starts Friday, but the bolded copy second paragraph states midnight tonight, and since the blog post is dated yesterday, midnight tonight makes implies today.

  • Hassen

    I downloaded the App to both my iPhone & iPad, still showing 5Gb. This is a very good promotion, but this announcement is confusing. You say the promo starts at midnight, but does that mean if we got excited and did this now, we won’t get the promotion space of 50GB? That wouldn’t be right. I’m sure you guys don’t want us to delete & restart, please clarify for those of us that have jumped the gun. Thanks!

    • Mark Saldana

      Hey Hassen,

      We did jump the gun a bit, so apologies for that. You should be able to update your app and get the 50 GB now. Did you get it?

  • deuts

    Can’t login in the app!

    • Mark Saldana

      Still having issues? Shoot me an email at

  • deuts

    This really so confusing. If you downloaded the app before that time and date you keep saying, are you still entitled to the 50GB?

  • Guest

    I noticed these instructions say to download version 2.4.3. but I’m showing the most recent available is 2.4.2

    • Guest

      An update was just released. :D Check the App Store.

  • Ian David Marsden Illustration

    Did not work. Just downloaded. Only 5 Gig.

    • Mark Saldana

      Still having issues? Make sure you’re using the most recent version of the app. Feel free to shoot me an email at if problems persist.

  • Boola

    This post is misleading because it says “FREE Starting Tonight” and this blog post is posted on 10/12/2011. That means tonight on the 10/12/2011 and it doesn’t mention any date or time any other than that.

    • Mark Saldana

      Sorry about that! Did you get your 50 GB?

  • Scott

    I just opened an account but now that I have read this whole blog explaining Friday what do I need to do? It of course only shows 5 gigs. Will it change to 50 automatically?

  • ganesh

    I downloaded the app and registered after 12AM…have not received 50GB…still shows 5GB…have not received any notification either… is it just gonna take a while or something?

    • Guest

      12:01 am PACIFIC TIME

      jeez, can you people READ?!

      • Guest

        Would be nice if announcers think about the fact that this is a world wide offer and we do live in different timezones. “midnight” hardly mean any exact time nowdays.

        • Guest

          Yet another post that can’t read English. . .

  • Vtlrockz

    Does anyone have any idea that if I already have a 50GB HP Touchpad account, my storage will double or something like that will happen?

    • Anonymous

      You won’t be able to take advantage of this promotion.

  • Doittyo Magi

    100MB file limit is a TOTAL let down. Thanks for the space but it’s kinda dumb.

    • Guest

      What?? 100mb is PLENTY!

      • Nick

        You don’t understand. A PSD file can easily be 800 MB on its own. So difficult to upload large files.

        • Anonymous

          Not easily. You have to have an EXTREMELY specific line of work to have images that large. Only working between 300-600 dpi on billboard sizes would you ever need to come remotely close to 800mb. Otherwise, you’re using the wrong program.

          • Caetano Brasil

            not really “extremely specific”. Anyone working with media publish will easily have files bigger than 100MB.
            Photographers too.
            Video files too.
            100MB is nothing. That’s why I never consider a good alternative. Even with 50GB free.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, extremely specific.

          • Caetano Brasil

            ok, maybe you are right… :)

          • Raj

            i like the large file size but when it comes to per-file-size, dropbox has beat by a length. It allows 300mb via the website but there is no per-file-size limit if you use the desktop client. If they two ideas could be combined, we’d be in free cloud storage heaven lol

        • MrMcFreebie

          This offer is a tremendous value to general consumers. If you’re using online storage for professional use, you SHOULD pay for it. Write it off as a business expense…

    • Chuck

      Go away then… go pay for something that gives you a higher limit, rather than complaining like a whiney little bitch..

    • Ann Lemond-Hume

      Maybe your not understanding. They are referring to the file limit per upload, not total space. Total space is 50GB FREE which is WAY more than anyone else is giving away.

      • David Oliver Steinberg

        It’s a great offer if you want to park documents, photos or music. But as a designer that handles files that could be easily 250 – 800 MB it’s not a good backup source.

        • William-Robert Kent Cousert

          Use an archive program that can break the file up into multiple chunks (like RAR or ZIP).

        • Anonymous

          Nice humblebrag, bro.

    • Melissa E

      It’s a free service and 100MB is 4x the standard free cap.

      100MB is big enough for almost any one ordinary file except videos.

    • John

      100MB file limit is a constraint. Even educators such as myself need to share significant resources with colleagues and students.

  • Grisha920

    Америкосы пидоры. Шутка! )))

    • Non


  • Arch

    For those of us who have been paying for the 25GB personal account and using iPhone/iPad, do we get free service too? Free upgrade to business account features?

    • Mark Saldana

      50 GB is for new or free users. With a paid account, you have a bigger file size limit and more features.

  • Dianna

    this is fantastic, thank you!

    and to everyone giving heck about the timing of the original post, i think it’s time to just stop and relax now. yes, the post went live a little too early and created some confusion. everyone makes mistakes. the original meaning has been clarified below, so just download the app after midnight tonight and move along, nothing to see here.

  • Joel Horst

    I just got the app for my iPad, registered and all I see is 5.0Gb, not 50Gb……

    • Mark Saldana

      Do you have the latest version of the app?

  • Shrinivas

    Can someone please clarify on the version as well? On top it says to download version 2.4.3 while the latest one available in App Store is 2.4.2??

    • Mark Saldana

      The current version is 2.4.3. Are you still seeing the old one?

  • br4nd0

    I’ve been a box customer for over 4yrs. Back in the day we had to pay for 5gb. Things have come a long way! Currently I pay for 25gb with a 1gb max file upload to my personal account. Basically, I don’t have to renew anymore with this promotion. Thanks for saving me money box! I’m a long time fan!

    Are there any disadvantages to becoming a non-paying personal user?

    • Mark Saldana

      Your file size limit drops to 100mb. I’d sign up for a new account and compare the two before making the switch!

  • Justin

    Love the extra space being provided.

    Does the 50GB, once acquired during the promotional period, stay on the account for as long as you have the account?

  • Anonymous

    50GB free on! This is awesome!

  • Guest

    Awesome! I love it – Thanks a ton! (or 50GB if you prefer)

  • smooth

    Hi, I upgrated from 2.4.2 to 2.4.3 and it works.!
    But still have a question: on the iphone/ipod touch I can upload files from my libary, but on the ipad I can’t upload files. Why?

    • Mark Saldana

      Our iPad app doesn’t support uploads…yet. We’re working on it!

  • Nicolas Bereskyj

    what happens after the 50 days? does the account go back to 5gb?

    • Mark Saldana

      You keep the space forever.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a response to iCloud. Good job. I just received my upgrade. Is planning on icloud integration?

  • Anonymous

    If you already have 50GB can you get 50GB more if you sign in?

    • hex

      same question

  • Highvolts

    No Love For Android Users?

  • Sean Patterson

    Does it work with mac??

    • Mark Saldana

      You can access your free 50 GB from anywhere, just as long as you’re signed into Box.

  • Guest

    This is to the smart people posting smart comments.

    1. Read people, READ!
    2. It clearly says “promotion starts at midnight tonight” which means it will start on FRIDAY, October 14th, 2011 at 12:01 AM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME, USA.
    3. if you can’t wait till then and you already downloaded the app and registered, you’ll automatically be upgraded to 50GB, so just be patient.

    Just read the comments, the question you are about to ask has been answered 10000 times.

    pisses me off when people just want everybody to feed them.


      English is my third language and I clearly understood what the promo is all about, when exactly the promo starts, and who can participate. What I do not understand at all, how can people continue to ask the same silly questions over and over again… …and what are they doing when they are lost in a toilet with no one there to help them? Is there an app for that?

      • MazemaN

        I agree, but I would like to point out that Google works on my iPhone in the john so, yes, there is an app for getting lost in the toilet. :)

    • Hamster-pilot

      I can’t believe so many dumb people can use computers to post idiotic questions for stuff that is freakin obvious. Its like they can type but they can’t read. When did user-friendly get to be so dumb-friendly? Can’t we make computers hard again?

  • Jason macchioni

    I have the 50gb, and the 25mb upload….. Win!

    • Jason macchioni

      100mb whoops.. still a win.

  • Waseem

    Does the 50GB, once acquired during the promotional period, stay on the account for as long as you have the account?

    • Mark Saldana

      You get it forever.

  • Cameron Horst

    do you also get the 50 gigs if you have an adroid?

    • Mark Saldana

      This is iOS only. Please check back in the future as we plan on running other promotions.

  • Rom

    if I already have a free 50GB from my Touchpad, will this be added on top of that?

    • Anonymous

      Nope! Basically, you’ve already benefited from a previous (and similar) promotion.

  • BaronVonRaske

    Please confirm: is the 50 GB of space free in perpetuity? Or will at some point in the near or distant future this offer be rescinded, and we will have to pay for this disk space?

  • Anonymous

    From the app store description. For those asking about account term.

    “Size matters: Get a FREE 50 GB lifetime account for file storage and sharing through Dec. 2, 2011. To get your automatic upgrade, download the Box app on your iPhone or iPad and register or sign in to your account – it’s that easy. Box provides simple, secure sharing from anywhere – letting you easily store files online, send big files fast, access content on-the-go, and collaborate with others…”

  • Steven B

    Nice idea to steal every customer away from Dropbox had syncing been included. I’d rather have 2GB of storage and syncing.

  • Bubblegumkin

    it only says 50 days period of 50GB. isn’t it free for life?

    • doener

      Just read: “That’s right, it’s 50 GB in the cloud completely free, forever.”

    • BoredAsHeck

      The promo will be offered for 50 days only. Your acct will be good for the life of the company

  • Guest

    No Android support?? Boo. Guess you made my decision between and Dropbox an easy one.

    • ellgon

      There is a new promo from sugarsync 50% discount. Give it a try

      • Brackle

        Where is the promo?

    • Mark Saldana

      We have an android app, and you can get it here:

      Please keep an eye out for other mobile promos in the future! We have more planned :).

  • Marjori Pomarole

    Thank you so much !!!

  • Guest

    What security is provided for data transfer and storage on the free account? Last time I looked at Box you needed a business-level account in order to use SSL encrypted data transfer and encrypted data storage was only available to enterprise accounts. has this changed?

  • Guest

    What security is provided for data transfer and storage on the free account? Last time I looked at Box you needed a business-level account in order to use SSL encrypted data transfer and encrypted data storage was only available to enterprise accounts. has this changed?

    • Mark Saldana

      We encrypt all data in transit.

  • Asm1422h

    thank you very much ..

  • San

    Awesome. Box can’t get any better. Thanks

  • San

    Awesome. Box can’t get any better. Thanks

  • Guest

    If you’re signing up expecting Dropbox-like functionality… you’ll be sorely disappointed. They do have synchronization software, which I’m guessing would give you an experience similar to that of Dropbox, but what they forget to mention is that you have to be a PAYING customer to be able to use this software… So that kinda defeats the purpose of having the convenience of cloud storage since the main way to get files on to and off of your “Box” is via the website. Eh… guess we shouldn’t expect a lot for something free… mainly trying to keep some people from wasting their time.

  • Chris Rutter

    I don’t get it. Is it “it’s 50 GB in the cloud completely free, forever.” or is it “free 50 GB over the next 50 days”
    What happens after the 50 days!?

    • chicky

      no problem after 50 days, 50GB is always with u forever!!!

      • Zjbird

        Where did you read that?

        • Beefstrogonof

          when you log in for the first time it said that it’s for 50 days.

    • Nguyen_tpdd

      “that’s right, it’s 50 GB in the cloud completely free, forever.”

    • Duepayer

      All they’re saying is that the PROMOTION is running for 50 days.

  • Stefan Woldekidan

    Thanks! It’s working with the 50 GB offering. Just update your app to the latest.

  • Johnson

    This is very exciting!

  • Jonathan Creasy

    Wow, this is awesome!

  • Synesthetic

    No complaining here!

  • Gioslaes

    This only works for users, who didn’t use a webos 50GB account on their ios device before. Else you are only able to register a 5 GB account

    • BoredAsHeck

      create a new account using another email account. There. Problem solved.

  • Nguyen_tpdd

    i received 50GB-free storage, 100MB limit upload-file’s size in my account. This is Freeeeeeeeeeeee und Foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Ich liebe BOX :x

    • Mark Saldana

      Yay :)

  • Ben Fawcett9

    No Android loving? Why?! :(

    • Mark Saldana

      We love you guys, too. Please keep an eye out for other promotions in the future ;).




    to bad there is not a sync app like dropbox

    • Ann Lemond-Hume

      my sentiments exactly, but drag and drop will work for me until they fix that.

      • Anonymous

        But wouldn’t Dropbox work even finer until they fix that?

    • Nic Johnson


    • Tony B

      Me too! I use SugarSync and it allows me to Sync desktop folders with my cloud storage. This one gives me lots of space but makes it SUPER difficult to use since the desktop sync option is only part of the paid accounts. Hopefully they extend this to all of us!

    • Cloud Storage Fiend

      You need a 3rd party software called Gladinet to create a Sync folder.

  • Wteltel

    What about other users not using iPad/iPhone? Will they get the free 50GB? And will you provide Android apps?

  • Wteltel

    What about other users not using iPad/iPhone? Will they get the free 50GB? And will you provide Android apps?

  • Niklas

    102 400 GB upload limit on my 50GB storage quota? Doesn’t seem right…!/njumlin/status/124826678634614784/photo/1

  • Niklas

    102 400 GB upload limit on my 50GB storage quota? Doesn’t seem right…!/njumlin/status/124826678634614784/photo/1

  • Marcbrisson

    without a sync tool .. unusefull

    • Paul The Book Guy

      Not true. Very good for file sharing and collaboration. Sync is something they can add later as an OPTION. If sync becomes an automatic feature, I will drop Box much like I dropped drop box.

      I can’t believe that last sentence I just wrote, but it’s correct.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah man, what kind of idiot wants a useless feature like backing their stuff up?

        • R Michel

          The type of idiot who doesn’t want the file vision he’s actively working on to overwrite the file he shared with all his colleagues online.

          The automatic sync is very usefull for single users who can continue working on the same file from multiple machines & locations, but it’s a liability when you are sharing business documents.

          As such it would be usefull if sync would become available as a option on specified folders, but not be default on all.

    • Peter Dean

      You can easily keep stuff backed up online (and not synced with your desktop) with Dropbox. Just look into the settings – you can select folders individually to just store online.

  • MeeYai

    Pretty disappointing. Would have considered purchasing a business package in conjunction with this promo, but obviously Android users are second priority. Not going to pay $15 to wait for features to trickle down to me.

    • Paul The Book Guy

      So, you can’t see why a company would choose to develop an app first for the platform with the most paying users and then in time release versions for the platform with less paying users?

      You’ve clearly never run a business.

      • Dude

        Android app works fine. Take your inflammatory bullshit elsewhere.

    • MrMcFreebie

      Android users aren’t left out. You just have to know hoe to work the system. If you can’t figure it out, maybe it’s best to leave this deal alone.

  • Francisluz

    Please Android!!!!

  • Rwalford79

    And thanks for leaving Android users out fanboys…

  • Vlad


    how can i add App?
    i have done 56 steps to get it, only Add App missing… cant seem to find the add app button

    please help me with that!!

    • Mark Saldana

      Still having issues? Shoot me an email at

  • Chris Allen

    I downloaded the app and registered yesterday, but now that it is Friday, I was expecting to see 50GB. I don’t, so what did I do wrong? Should I just be more patient :)

  • Jacobite86

    Pleasing the iPhone users and isolating the Android users. Meh

    • Mark Saldana

      We’ll have more offers in the futre, we promise!

      • Tom Hermans

        don’t give us that “in the future” msg. It’s not that difficult to make the promotion open.. it’s bad enough as it is with that closed iOS..

  • Bugimann1

    Android !?

  • Guy

    You guys are awesome! Loving the 50GB account!!

  • James

    Sweeeeeeet!! 50GB that’s awesome… Now a way to Sync with Windows etc so yea :D

  • Dave

    Read the promo and realized that it does not start until Friday morning PT. It is now 7:43AM PT, so I assume the promo has now begun. Just installed on my 3GS. Updated to 50 GB, and showed a dialog box upon first login. If you’re logging in and not getting the 50 GB update, you’re probably not running the newest version of the app. The icon is different now (two-tone cloud and sky vs. the old blue one). Check the App Store and make sure that you update.

    Thanks, I might just switch from Dropbox now.

    • Mark Saldana

      Great to hear. Did you get your 50 GB?

  • rugbyball

    Any Android love? Will Android users see a 50gb offer as well?

  • Gabriel Alejandro Zorrilla

    Thank you for giving Android users the finger.

    • Mark Saldana

      Keep an eye out for other promos in the future. We love you guys, too!


  • P1piepig

    The 50GB is ONLY for 50 days, not forever like the statement ” That’s right, it’s 50 GB in the cloud completely free, forever. ” said. I registered and it said ’50GB for 50 days’. I knew it’s too good to be true

    • Mark Saldana

      Hey P1,

      It’s free forever. We removed that confusing message, so apologies for that!


  • Kevinwm

    Not for android?

  • Paul The Book Guy

    I am cool with this not “syncing” like Dropbox. This Box service makes more sense for me, as I want a place to keep stuff OFF my computer. With dropbox, when I put stuff in my dropbox, it fills my laptop drive as well. BOX will be handy for off site storage of files. We will be using BOX for sharing news clips for our new podcast Emergency Broadcast System, as well as for sharing books for review for Paul The Book Guy podcast. With Dropbox, sharing a folder means the recipient needs to add the entire folder to their dropbox, and filling their drive. With BOX, I can share a folder and let my co-hosts pick and choose what they download to their devices.

    By this evening I will have BOX on all my iOS devices.

    “I strongly endorse this product and / or service!” -Krusty The Klown

  • OmarAlexis


  • Kenny Bak Jensen

    Only for iOS? Well, good to see who you care about so I can get the hell away

    • Mark Saldana

      Hey Kenny,

      This is just one promotion of many…please keep an eye out for other offers in the future!



  • i azaleea

    if its free for lifetime why do we get a popup on our phones right after registration saying “free 50GB for the next 50 days” ???

  • Benjamin Kerensa

    Through this offer you can actually upgrade every person you know to 50GB Lifetime Accounts without them owning a phone at all or tablet (ipad):

  • i azaleea

    if it is for life time why we get a popup on out phones saying 50gb for 50 days ??
    strange that my previous comment disappeared

  • i azaleea

    if it is for life time why we get a popup on out phones saying 50gb for 50 days ??
    strange that my previous comment disappeared

  • Gary Quiring

    Better watch out with this offer, I signed up for the 50gig and they made my free eFax service a premium now. Not happy.

  • Rneal

    What does this cost after the 50 days?

  • Larry

    Thank you

  • Buzz IT

    Thats generous. Compare it $10 per plan at Dropbox.

  • Nate Danger Gay

    Hey! I right now I am paying for SugarSync but I see that you guys offer quite a bit more space in your payed account. This promotion brought me in but I would like to a free version of your syncing software so I can see if it works with my setup. Thanks for the free space! I’ll keep an eye out for an update on a syncing app for the Mac.

  • Lillipuz73

    hallo mark. Do you mean that I, as an iOS user, have 50 days to subscribe this promo? and I will have 50gb FOREVER and ever? My question is: will I have 50gb available for only 50 days or will I have a liftime 50 gb on the cloud for my files?
    thanks for your answer.

  • Fadsadasdas

    And for android market ?

    • R Michel

      Borrow an iPad, get app. Login, logout, use account on android.
      The person who lend you the iPad can now get their own account.


    seems great, im going to download it just right now!

  • Aboutall Cz

    Not for my Galaxy SII :(

  • R Skse

    Free 50GB? Damn thats nice! 100MB limit? Thats fine with me!

  • Huchman

    What a kick in the teeth for android users.

  • Mattoo

    I can see a lot of negativ comments here, on my side I can only be VERY happy by such a news. Thanks a lot !!

  • EricSG

    This app is amazing, 50gb free, 100mb file per upload. This is the coolest thing since slice bread…

  • Christopher Smith

    This is really a poor offer and amounts to nothing more than a bait and switch. The 50GB of storage has no value because there is no desktop integration. It’s not worth my time to upload and download files. In fact, this offer has been of great value to Dropbox because I’m more loyal to them now and will gladly pay them more money.

  • Chris

    Why doesn’t this personal plan use SSL for file transfers? It seems a little unsafe.

  • Mike

    Mine didn’t upgrade to 50 GB, tried logging out and back in.

    Oh well I guess, maybe I’m just unlucky.

  • Jeremy Furniss

    Thanks so much Box! You just got a brand new user :) And probably soon the other 20 people I know with iOS! Thanks again!!

  • ThalesC

    I logged in with my account, and nothing changed. Do i need to do anything to win the 50g?

  • Cory Dolphin

    It seems to me that @Box is confused about what it’s target market is. If they are trying to get consumers to convert to Box, they need to provide a clear value proposition with the free version of Box, including a desktop sync client that is as seamless as Dropbox’s, which I believe they have already developed. Currently, testing Box, I see a maimed product that is surrounded by numbers… Maximum file size, etc– they ask me to pay to use something other than a (reliable and well thought out) web interface? Dropbox on the other hand, abstracts the concept of a synced folder– it is no different from anything else on your computer, except it is everywhere.

    I am waiting for a desktop client, then I will switch to Box, and maybe even pay. I only have 12 GB with dropbox because of a number of Tech Talks they have given. For now I will upload 500 100MB randomly generated, uncompressible files. Just for kicks :-) #slightlyvindictive

  • DoMoDoMo

    Funny that some folks are complaining about the file size limit of 100MB while getting 50GB cloud storage for free. It’s for free folks. You wanna get paid for using’s service?


    I tried, but still remain 15GB, why?

  • Andre Li Pan

    Tried again, nothing changed, did I miss somthing?

  • The Tweater User

    And android ? ^^

  • Qnz

    What about us android users? Im a paying customer and we dont get nearly as much.

  • Gabriel

    make an android promotion please :P


    this is my new favorite service! gonna link it on my [very popular and awesome] site this week!

  • VkBest

    I registered in your service yesterday, and I have been receiving spam since that time constantly!!! 3 o 4 spam mails each hour!!!! who are you selling our email?

  • Viewoflife

    50 GB free…it’s like a free hard drive. Cumbersome maybe, but free, to 16 GB iPad, it’s heaven.

  • Thanks

    It’s really cool to offer 50GB. All the complainers should F off.

  • beanbag

    This is a great offer but totally useless as it doesn’t offer what Dropbox / iCloud offer. There is no app integration and no disk syncing as there is with Dropbox. This is the whole reason I use it. Having to log-in and use silly web interfaces is useless to me.

    Still….thanks for the 50GB. Maybe I’ll use it when you finally realise users need to sync files.

  • M. Vito Damiano

    Wow this is an amazing offer. I can’t believe it. I have had the free app for a while and all I did was open it up today and bam, free 50 GB for life. Truly a wow offer.

  • Temp1email

    Adrive has done this for ages

  • Temp1email

    and the file size is 2gb

  • Trcbmaybe

    Why don’t you share the love with us Android users?

  • Ted Ferragut

    I must be doing something wrong but still don’t have the 50gb. I have iOS5 and iPad2 app. I have been long term on windows. I have logged on and off but nothing. Deleted and reloaded app on ipad2 and nothing. help!

    • BoredAsHeck

      it won’t add to an existing account. You have to create a new account with a different email address. That’s the downside. On the up and up, you and probably create an indefinite amount of iOS related accounts as long as you have a different email to associate with it. The webOS app is tied to a single email address on a single device. However, iOS app allows the user to log on or off of any number of accounts. And all these accounts are accessible from your computer, thru the web.

  • Raj

    I got the 50gb and 100mg file size account from my HP touchpad. This offer came after. I downloaded on my iphone but didnt get the 50gb bonus.

  • Vasek Blaha

    We have the paid at work. So my question is, do I get the direct links with this offer?


    They are useful for embedding stuff.

  • Apple averse

    Hmmn. IOS only? Shame I use Linux, Windows & Android. I’ll be sticking with Dropbox then…

  • Allen Gwinn

    Well, the “Free 50G” account isn’t exactly the whole story. They give you 50G in maximum-100MB-per-file chunks. If you try to upload a file bigger than that, it pops up advertising as to how you can spend $15 a month and do just that! Dropbox costs $99 a year for 50G and $199 a year for 100G. So you’re better off getting Dropbox–if you’re going to pay something.

    But if you have a bunch of 100MB files or less–hey, this is for you!

  • rebyn

    100MB is WAY too good eh :-).

  • Esriveras

    I have tried to logging in with my google gmail address and no upgrade to be seen…. I’ve contacted support, wrote here before and contacted twitter and NO repsonse. Any ideas?

  • Marc Johnson supports With those in combination you can send a file with just one mouseclick directly from your HDD into your box!

  • David Cristofaro

    Awesome! what happens if I already bought a 50 GB account? Will I no longer have to pay for it? That would be killer, would be great to not have to pull the plug and start over…

    If I am being dense and this is spelled out somewhere, please let me know. Honest question, no trolling intended…

  • Erdosi Roland

    Thank you :) Free 50Gb (Roland in Hungary)

  • Jonacid

    Really great for me!
    Thank you guys. :)

  • David Dilling

    Were using our new #Box50GB account to free up InDesign content from our desktop, via Markzware PageZephyr, to use on the Apple iPod. I agree, it would be better if there was a ‘larger’ maximum file upload size. The average upload we do in general is 133.7 MB. Here is our video on how we use the #Box50GB with Adobe InDesign files —

  • Bassmah_12

    Thank you to much … :)

  • Rodrigo


  • Anonymous


  • DaveR

    I love and the offer, but I am not happy with the upload capabilities. Whevever I bulk upload files (<100mb) it ends up choking up and not uploading at all. Not really dependable as Dropbox has been for me. So far, Dropbox is in the lead in my book when it comes to uploading. However, they haven't beaten the storage size and other features I love such as assigning permissions and restrictions to users that you share files with.

  • Tom

    So If you have an Ipad and 4 accounts, can you all upgrade them with that 1 Ipad? Or are you restricted to 1 upgrade per device?

  • Sassy LOU

    GOD..I hope somehow figures out how to sync your calendar and addresses!!!! This would help us Snow Leopard users out who don’t want the headaches of LION. That I would pay for. I didn’t mind paying for least it worked on Snow Leopard!

  • Zurich1500

    Anyone with a Mac complaining about the lack of a client: you can use WebDAV, and use your account just like a regular hard drive. It’s slowish but no slower than DropBox. I was glad to figure this out a couple of weeks ago.

    • Hja

      Sorry, it is way slower than Dropbox. Plus to get all of your files off of Box, you will need to either upgrade real quick or pull off one at a time. No, I am not getting locked into Box.

  • Crazytrini93

    It’s free and yet people are still COMPLAINING.

    • Marcos

      Probably because there are better free alternatives… ;-)

  • Ac167532

    “The future of mobile is about being free of storage restrictions and closed systems”.

    Kind of ironic that you make this statement excluding android and other devices since you’re supporting free and open choices.

    Sent from my Verizon wireless 4G LTE HTC Thunderbolt

  • Juan Cassagne

    How about sync of the files uploaded, if modified?

  • Markus Elfving

    Have you offered anything similar to users on free platforms, for example android users?
    As a long time loyal user I have to say I’m dissapointed that you’re giving away this much space for free to users using certain (IMO rather restricted) devices and not doing so with others that choose freedom instead of apples bullshit. I’d love to get 50gb of free space, but you’re not offering it because i choose android..

    Best regards

    -Markus Elfving

  • Anonymous

    For to capitalize on this promotion, the most important thing required is a free desktop sync app. Without that, I would rather stick to dropbox.

  • Frank

    It’s free and nice to use on a iPhone but..
    and that is not complaining – useless on a Mac and OSX

    WebDav is read only – upload through WebDav does not work
    Sync is not available
    Dropbox has less storage but it integrates in the desktop. At least WebDav should work with a mac.

  • Phuong

    why only for i-devices ?

  • Conor Spencer

    It’s always great to have a place to upload small files. Thankyou for this generous offer, Box.

  • Kingarhur5123

    So wait so because I have an Android and not a fucking iPhone, I can’t fucking sign up? What the hell? I need the space too!

    • a Martin

      So much for all the options in Android… ;)

      Now, I’ll get back to my iShit (like you in such a pubertal way called it above).
      By the way, I have and Android too. One doesn’t have to hate the other just because one prefer one.

  • Osman Goni

    what about andriod? well i guess might become bankrupt is they allow 50gb for every andriod user.

  • Sean McConnell

    i log in an i only have 5 gb??? whats up with that

  • Guest

    If I register today (2-12-11) on my iPhone, Will i still get the free 50GB

  • Ishunzi

    Hoops, just found out my app is 2.4.4! I downloaded it yesterday morning and did not get the 50G.

  • Tim Wenbin

    Yes! 50GB is My world!

  • Emanuele Simonini

    Ok, I downloaded the app, signed in for an account ancd then went on via pc tocheck but I got only 5 Gb…

  • Rudolph Marcus

    Just read this 10 min ago, installed the app and registered. But I get 5GB space only.
    Is the period over already?

  • Danny Underhill

    I did the install on my iphone, and still no 50gb for free. What’s the deal?

  • Bert B

    I signed up for the FREE 50 GB Before Midnight Tonight, PST

    My account settings show only 5 GB of space with a 100MB file limit. Can someone help? Did I miss something about the promotion?

  • Bert B

    signed up for the FREE 50 GB Before Midnight Tonight, PST

    My account settings show only 5 GB of space with a 25MB file limit when it should be a 100MB limit.

    Can someone help?

    Did I miss something about the promotion?

  • Ishunzi

    Looks this article is out-dated already.
    The latest version in the store is 2.4.4 not 2.4.3, even though it is saying 50G free as well. But apparently something is not right and I only get 5G and actually I signed up on Dec.2.

  • Mis_mo

    I download and install the app before 2011-12-02, but My account are still 5GB only…..pls check…

  • Pastor

    what’s up. I just opened an account with, downloaded the iPhone app and…. nothing. It’s giving me the 5gigs but what got me to try was the 50gigs. I’m within the time frame for the promotion. What else do I need to do?

  • Alfredo

    done all that… but only showing 5.0 Gb whats wrong?

  • ji

    I clicked on the ad (showing on the website today).offering 50 GB free storage, downloaded the app etc. … a bit dissapointed when i found that the offer was published in october, only valid for 30 days …

  • Danibonet

    I do that and I can’t see my 50 Gb…

  • Guest

    I followed these instructions and only got 5GB. What’s up with that?

  • Dannguyen Trinh


  • Thor Menta

    why not 4 android this ofert!

  • Carrie S

    Is this offer still valid?

  • Survey Tool

    I am to a great extent impressed with the article I have just read interesting very good.I read the Blog Nice site I found and I bookmarked the site.

  • Michael

    I think that both these devices are good for use. they both have pros and cons. But speaking generally there is nothing better on the market

  • Ley de Atracción

    Thanks a lot for share this Nice Free Storage…
    Great Work !!!

  • kingali31

    av they stop doin 50gb its only givin me 2gb

  • Tinty

    Amazing service, ive got the bew app and 50gb. Brilliant stuff!!

  • sub khan

    50GB is just a Joke.

    1: “For Home Users” A Normal Quality video of About 5-10 Minutes will be atleast 250MB.
    2: You Can’t Use Sync Application of BOX because its not for free Users.
    3: You can’t Get Direct Upload Links. Direct Links are not available for Free Users.

    Beside that all Negative Points i think They are still good i don’t know how they afford to provide 50Gb for free. Thats why you should ignore all Negative Points and appreciate their Efforts.

  • christopher Ndegwa

    This is the most legit way i know of earning free stuff like iphone 5, xbox, TVs and you dont pay a dollar, not even for shipping:

  • kauserkhan

    I use Instagram for my backup

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  • Anonymous

    What a rubbish response. Similarly, I hate having money, because if I give that money to my co-workers they might have access to that money.

    There is little, if any, more liability in having your file automatically update than there is manually updating it

  • Khairul Anwar

    A picture is worth a thousand words…

  • Geoffrian

    Ubuntu One for the Ubuntu OS offers 5GB free and syns like Dropbox. It’s too bad Dropbox doesn’t offer more than 2GB.

  • Seemp

    The complaint is legit. I would take less space for larger uploads. Dropbox does not limit you

  • Marcos

    I fully agree!
    I think they should consider changing the file size limit to 300 MB at least (just like Dropbox WHEN uploading via a web browser).

  • Mike Blumenstein

    MangoApps allows 2gb per upload, and every user gets 10gb and can be allocated however you need to to get your work done. Kinda blows the dropbox/box arguement out of the water, huh? 30 days free at

  • Kingarhur5123

    You have an iPhone? Hows it feel to have no customization?

  • Kingarhur5123

    In the context of 50GB of free storage? FUCK THAT Ill rather pay $15 to get 50GB than get a fucking iShit.

  • a Martin

    It feels great, (customization is good enough for me) and I still have an Android device to compare with. Prefer iOS over Android anyway

  • a Martin

    By the way – not being able to remove the grey ”status bar” in Android in Galaxy Tab 10.1 without rooting it, is that ”customization”? I call it cumbersome.

  • JC

    on dropbox you can get up to 6 gb additional free by referring people and when they register there are 5 steps to do and after they do that u get an additional 250mb for each person who completes it. on mine so far I’m up to 4 gb but i also have the free 50 gb here also