Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

The Cloud Goes Global – Box’s World Tour Heads to New York, London, Paris and More…


One year ago, I set out on a trek throughout the United States to meet with many of our Box customers. The objective: learn more about how businesses use Box, why it’s valuable to them and how we can build our solution to better suit their needs. At the end of it all, we put together a fun video of our customers telling their company’s Box stories.

My trip confirmed 3 big things for the Box team:

  • We have incredible customers all over the world.
  • Our customers love telling us about how they use Box and how it can be even more powerful.
  • We should visit our customers more often.

With this in mind, I’m excited to announce the Box World Tour – Building the Smarter Enterprise, a roadshow spanning 13 cities across the globe.

The Box World Tour is designed to put the Box team face-to-face with customers, both existing and prospective, to share insights on the changing landscape of Enterprise software. At this fun (and free) event, you’ll hear:

  • Box’s vision for a smarter enterprise
  • Success stories from Box Customers
  • Fresh industry perspectives from leading analysts and Box partners

Our first-ever Box World Tour is open to you and anyone you’d like to invite, as is the Cocktails & Conversation gathering that follows each stop.

To learn more and register, please visit

Questions? Email, or tweet at us @Boxdotnet. Lastly, don’t forget to follow along and tell your friends about the tour with the hashtag #BoxWorldTour :).

I’m very excited to meet current (and future) Box users from all over the globe!

  • Marc Johnson

    try the box with and copy a file directly from HDD to your box…with just one mouseklick :)

  • Anonymous

    try with PageZephyr to get all your .indd, .qxd and .pub files to the box.

  • Life of

    I think it was a brilliant idea by you guys to set up a place/contest where all box users can share ideas and concepts on how to better use the box. Great business sense.

  • Jdicker

    How do I upload directly from an email to box or a series of documents directly from an email to box?

  • Jwharty
  • Jorge

    Love the product, but a bit too expensive

  • Securu

    i’m very gratefull to box. Hope that you have return from this great decision.
    regards from portugal,

  • Asdghasdhasdhsha

    this isnt the website on how to make a box.. curse you google

  • David Clayton

    it’s a nifty idea, but the 100mb restriction is a bit misleading

  • Prueba

    Excelent program, for my is very usefull