Friday, October 14th, 2011

Questions about Our #Box50GB Promotion? Get Answers Here.


Due to overwhelming interest in our current 50 GB for 50 days promotion, we decided to create an FAQ to address some common questions and concerns. Check it out below, and feel free to let us know in the comments if there’s anything we missed!

Q: How do I get my 50 GB? I have the app but only see 5 GB in my account.

A: If you’re brand new to Box, you’ll need to download the latest version of the Box app from your iOS device (version 2.4.3 or later). Open the app once the download is complete, and sign up for a free Box account. After the sign up is complete, log into your account from the device. Your upgrade should be complete and you’ll see a confirmation message.

If you’re already a Box user or have an older version of the Box app on your iOS device, you’ll need to download the latest version of the Box app from your iOS device (version 2.4.3 or later). Sign into your account on the device and your upgrade should be complete. Note that this promotion is only for free Box Personal accounts; if you are a Business, Enterprise, or paid Personal customer you do not qualify for this promotion.

Q: Oh no! I got the Box app a few days ago and missed the promotion. Am I just out of luck?

A: No, of course not! All you need to do is download the latest version of our app (see directions above) and log into your account.

Q: So how long will I get the 50 GB? Does my account get downgraded to 5 GB after the 50 days ends?

A: Once you get your 50 GB account, you’ll never be downgraded. The limited part of this promotion is that you only have 50 days (through Dec. 2, 2011) in order to get the upgrade; once you have it, the space is yours forever.

Q: Should I deactivate my Box account and activate a new one to get the 50 GB?

A: No, you don’t need to deactivate and activate a new account. Just download the latest version of the Box app on your iOS device (directions above), and log into your account.

Q: What if I already deactivated my account?

A: If you have deactivated your account, it will need to be turned on again by our support team. Contact support at 1-877-729-4269.

Q: Does the 50 GB also come with Box Sync?

A: No, Box Sync is available on our Business and Enterprise accounts. If you’re interested in upgrading your account in order to get Box Sync, visit

Q: What if I already have a paid Box Personal account? Can I get the 50 GB?

A: If you already have a paid Box Personal account, you can choose to downgrade your account in order to get the 50 GB. Please note that you will lose some of the added features from the paid account, including a 1 GB upload limit, folder downloads, password-protected links, version history, etc. In order to downgrade to the free account, please contact support at 1-877-729-4269.

Q: If I already have a 50 GB account from another promotion, do I get 50 GB more of storage?

A: We’re excited you’ve already taken advantage of one of our other promotions, but unfortunately the 50 GB upgrade is one time only.

Q: What is the file upload limit?

A: Normally free Box Personal accounts have a 25 MB upload limit, but we’re bumping it up to 100 MB for this promotion in order to help you get the most out of your 50 GB of storage. With a 100 MB upload limit, you’ll be able to easily save pictures, presentations, audio files and documents to the cloud.

Q: I updated and got the 50 GB upgrade – does that mean I only have the extra space for my iPhone or iPad?

A: Now that you have a 50 GB Box account, you have access to that space from anywhere, on any device. It is not limited to iOS devices – access your 50 GB of content from anywhere you use Box.

Q: What about BlackBerry and Android users? Anything for us?

A: We’re actually running a similar 50 GB promotion for BlackBerry PlayBook, HP TouchPad, and Sony Tablet S (running Android) users. Just download the Box app on those platforms, sign in or register for a Box account, and get your 50 GB.

Not on any of those devices? Stay tuned for additional promotions we’ve got up our sleeves! :D

  • Kim Noh

    If I am going to purchase a plan other than the free do I still qualify to the 50GB?

    • Mark Saldana


      This promo is for free users only.


      • Steven Summon

        It says…

        What about BlackBerry and Android users? Anything for us?

        A: We’re actually running a similar 50 GB promotion for BlackBerry PlayBook, HP TouchPad, and Sony Tablet S (running Android) users. Just download the Box app on those platforms, sign in or register for a Box account, and get your 50 GB.

        I download the app for my android phone today and it is only registering 5GB at the moment. Any reason why or does it take a day to pick this up?

        • deesto

          Probably because your “phone” is not a “BlackBerry PlayBook, HP TouchPad, and Sony Tablet S”, which are all tablets. The promo is valid only for those devices; otherwise, I believe you’re currently S.O.L., like the rest of us Android phone users.

  • John Showalter

    I used my Google account to log in but I did not get the notification of the upgrade to 50GB?

  • Jeff

    I signed up from my Ipad and I got the 50gb. Thank you for that! After that I downloaded and installed the box application on my android phone and loged in with the same credentials and i was loged in with my 50gb on android! Same thing hapened with my Asus Transformer tablet. That’s very nice!

    Thanks again.

    • Calvin Phuong

      There’s no reason your account would be downgraded for using Android. ALL you have to do is use it with iOS ONCE!

  • Bbposten

    I just opened a new account on Do I get the 50GB if I install it on my HTC Desire (Android)?

    • Mark Saldana

      Hi Bbposten,

      Unfortunately, this promo is iOS only.



  • Guest
  • Anonymous

    What level of security do we get with this promo? I’d like to know encryption levels at each step. What level of SSL encryption? What level of data encryption at remote site? I want to know how secure my data is before I upload it. I’d like detailed answers please, not “It’s encrypted at every level” That doesn’t help because you could be encrypting our data at 56bit. Thx!

  • Peripheral

    Limited to 100mb file upload. That is a huge hit. Renders the service pretty much useless to me.

  • Shannnonoc

    I got the latest version, signed in, got confirmation but don’t see the 50gb… would it show up iCloud on my iphone? I am still only seeing 5gb….

  • Elizabeth Rivera

    Same here… I logged in using my google personal account and have not received the 50GB upgrade. Help.

  • Jaap Drenthen

    is there a program for the PC to upload files like dropbox?? have?

  • Kamransh

    whats the upload limit for enterprise account?

  • Miles

    downloaded 2.4.3 on my iphone and logged in …no 50gb upgrade… help!

  • Yannick

    I downloaded it via my tablet S, signed up (it states there is a similar promotion going on) and didn’t get the 50GB. What did i do wrong?

    • Lars Nock

      I download it via Android Web Store to my Sony Tablet and I didn’t get the 50GB too :-(

  • David

    Hi I have a HTC Wildfire but your app is not compatible with this phone. do i still get the 50gb upgrade.

  • Skylex

    Great promotion, I love my iphone and, great work!!!

  • Andrew Okwuosah

    I downloaded the app on the iphone and my account still shows I have 5GB of storage. What should I do? I’ve updated to the latest version.

  • Anh

    I’ve just downloaded the latest version of Box to my iPhone, successfully register, upload files…..however, I get only 5GB (five) of space. Does this promotion apply worldwide or only for US users? It’s 20:13 in Australia now.

  • Trcbarnes739


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  • Trcbarnes739

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  • Moyix

    I’d just created my account a few minutes ago but I didn’t get the 50 gb, I just get 5gb, what can I do to get the 50 gb?

    My user is

  • Raymond Smith

    I like it. Very good article about boxes. I am very thankful to you, about this.

  • Edward Jones

    Thanks for sharing this article about boxes. Thanks for all your work it is much appreciated.

  • ashish

    I created a box account in my sony erricson wt 19 i with 50g version. When i log in it with Panasonic t41 it shows a security message and a confermation link send to my email. But I am not getting any link. Plz send me a link on my gmail account My box username is bajpaiashish2390@ gmail.