Friday, October 21st, 2011

Android Updates Make You Faster and More Organized


At Box, we know that you need to access your important content at any time, from wherever you work – which for a lot of us, means when we’re away from the office. To help you stay productive and connected when you’re on the go, we’ve completely reworked our Box for Android and Android Tablet app in order to improve performance and stability.

The update is now live in the Android Market. Besides a new code base, we’ve added an integration with Quickoffice that lets you easily edit documents saved on Box directly from your phone or tablet. Using the integration, you can open a Box file using the Quickoffice app, edit on your device, and automatically save back to Box – ensuring that your whole team has access to the latest version of a document even when you’re away from the office.

Now, you can also rename, delete, and share files and folders directly from the device, making it easier to manage your Box account from the road and work directly from your mobile device. And for faster access to your favorite documents when away from your desk, we’ve added local file caching. Never waste time waiting for a document to download again!

Android phone and tablet users, be sure you’ve got the latest version of Box by updating now. We’d love to know what you think of it, so feel free to write a review of the app or leave your comments here.

  • Protection

    When will we get free 50 GB Like iPhone ?!

  • Want50gb

    Yes – Android users now feel like second class citizens (ie, we don’t get 50gb nor streaming).

  • Mark Saldana

    Hey guys,

    Please stay tuned. We’ll have more promotions in the future.


  • Fiona Chen

    pp spunbond non woven fabric.

  • Anonymous

    In the application for the iPhone when you can open the downloaded files?

  • Fabien Calais

    what about offline access on android device?

  • StevePierce

    When will you get it fixed so when an Android user click on a Google Docs app stored in Box and open it with the Android Docs app?

    • StevePierce

      Sorry, I meant click on a Google docs file in like a gsheet or gdocs from an Android tablet and have that file open using the Android Docs app.