Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Find Files Faster with Updated Search


You’re headed out the door to a meeting and are trying to find a file that you know is saved within a certain folder on Box, but just can’t remember where you put it. You can search for the file within all the folders you have on your account, but wouldn’t it be sweet if there were an option to limit your search within that specific folder? Well, we have you covered with a new update to our search functionality.

As of today, all Box users can now search in two ways: within all files or within a specific folder. You can even search within a sub-folder, making it simple to find the content you need quickly.

If you’re inside a folder and click search, you’ll automatically receive results from all your Box files. If you want to search from within that active folder only, switch in just one click by using the link at the top. Check out what the new search looks like in action:

This is the first of many ways we’re adding to our search options in the next few months, so stay tuned for more updates. Of course, I’d love to hear what search features you want to see (searching by folder was suggested by many of our customers), so feel free to leave your ideas below or in our customer community.

  • Roy

    Hi, Brandon.

    Thanks very much for this feature… I was on the verge of asking for it, it’s as if you read my mind.

    Here are a couple of other features I’d love to see:
    1) I’d love to be able to search for a multi-word string, perhaps with quotes. I work for a property management company. If I want to see all of Janice Smith’s documents, now I can put Janice Smith in the search box, but I see everything with the names Janice OR Smith. How about “Janice Smith”? I tried it, it gets zero results.
    2) What if I only want to see documents with Janice Smith’s name in the document name, but not in the text in the document?
    3) Is it too much to ask for boolean searches? [resident AND termination AND (.pdf OR .doc)]

    Also, could you please keep your knowledge base up to date? This really useful feature isn’t documented in it yet. It would have saved me some search time if it had been there.