Friday, July 1st, 2011

Bringing Box to HP TouchPad


The tablet category has been around for little more than a year, and it has already made an undeniable impact on both our personal and professional lives. We’ve seen businesses deploy tablets to sales teams, BODs, and field workers, in droves to enhance productivity. And this is just the beginning – Gartner predicts that more than 55 million tablets will be sold this year, a large portion of which will make their way into the workplace. With many of our customers already seeing tremendous success using Box on mobile devices, we are committed to providing the same support for emerging tablets in this expanding market.

Today, HP’s TouchPad officially enters the tablet mix, and we’re excited to announce the concurrent launch of Box for TouchPad – available immediately for download. We’ve also worked with HP to bring 50GB of free cloud storage to TouchPad users, which lasts the lifetime of the Box account. As the world’s leading provider of personal computers, we expect HP’s launch of the TouchPad to drive further tablet adoption in the enterprise.

And we’re not the only ones. Wired states that Box for Touchpad gives consumers a compelling reason to purchase the new device, while ZDNet painted a picture of the impressive leap this offer brings to the mobile storage category by taking readers back to the days when most laptops were shipping with base hard drive capacities of around 50GB to 60GB.

In a recent statement, Todd Bradley, executive vice presiding for Hewlett-Packard’s Personal Systems Group said,“Offering the Box app for TouchPad with an impressive amount of free storage and secure content sharing is an integral part of our mission to build a truly capable enterprise tablet. To create the best connected experience, we’ve focused on developing our App Catalog with leading third-party apps that provide features and tools proven to meet the personal and professional needs of the mobile worker.”

Integral to this offer was our joint commitment to providing consumers with the best mobile, connected experience. With that goal in mind, Box for TouchPad joins our rapidly growing mobile portfolio, which currently includes apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Now, TouchPad owners will realize the benefits of the Box platform, with the ability to:

  • Access and view files on-the-go
  • Easily share links to Box files and folders via email
  • Find files quickly utilizing built-in search
  • Upload content directly from the TouchPad to Box

The 50GB offer is available for individuals who purchase the HP TouchPad and sign up for Box. Existing Box users with a Personal 5GB account will be automatically upgraded to 50GB of free storage upon installing the app.

Take the Box app for a spin and let us know what you think! Please be sure to stay tuned for other exciting mobile news from Box in the near future.

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  • Fenrir Wolf

    This promotion is awesome. Thanks for giving webOS and the TouchPad a neat feature!

  • Fenrir Wolf

    This promotion is awesome. Thanks for giving webOS and the TouchPad a neat feature!

  • Mark Saldana

    No prob, Fenrir! We’re glad you’re pumped about it.

  • Foral Lanon

    I’m having trouble adding an account to the touchpad after I installed the app — is this expected?

    • Mark Saldana

      Hey Foral,

      Shoot us an email at and we’ll help you out. Apologies for any inconvenience.

      • Gaurang Bhatt

        Is the promotion still good for new touch pad users? I just got mine last week.

        • Trel Robinson

          I just got my TouchPad last week (10/28) and upon installing the app, my existing account was upgraded to 50GB :)

    • Varemenos

      make sure you dont have any spaces before or after the email adress

  • Wesley H Ferreira

    Hi, what about BlackBerry Playbook app?? HP just lunched and there is a Box app, Playbook is on the market since last year. I don’t know what happen with Playbook, very good machine but any company provide apps!! Thanks, Wesley

    • CJ

      Playbook also has the Box native app.

  • PhilG

    Any word on a Windows Phone app?

  • Andre P

    I couldn’t believe the deal offering 50GB of FREE cloud storage when I first heard about it but when I got my TouchPad and added the Box app the proof was right there. Awesome app, awesome deal and thanks to both HP and Box for making it happen!

  • Steve Neidig

    A great addition to a great tablet … thanks!

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  • Dpm01209

    Have to wonder it they’ll still honor this with HP dumping their touchpads for $99.99+.

    • Sherwin Techico

      Time to screenshot ^^

  • Stefanbortego

    Sadly, I can’t seem to upgrade to 50 gigs either..

  • Nick Kay

    I just bought a touchpad for 99$…is this free 50GB offer still valid?

    • Varemenos

      read the previous post

  • NeoDarkSaver

    i can use this

  • Drew Mallory

    So no one is answering if we’ll get the deal still after our cheapo purchases of 99 or 150 USD….

  • sql_writer

    Can you play music files stored on on the Touchpad?

  • Matthewsherman1994

    yes it still works i did it litteraly 10 secs ago

  • Raj

    is this one still valid as HP is discontinuing TouchPad??

  • Cameron Wing

    Can individual users get encryption too? I really want to use Box and I’m willing to pay for encryption on personal accounts!

  • Politebat

    just did mine..have not got my 50Gb yet?

  • Raulski

    Is this app compatible only with HP touch pad? Are there any other android tablet compatible with this app?

  • Daniel Duke

    I could hug you guys I’m so excited. This takes the tablet from a fun toy to a huge addition to my graphic and advertising business

  • Sighs

    hahaha, dead service and dead platform, what a great combination. until they give windows integration away, dropbox is still going to be winning

  • Hdbiker60

    Put some music on (from my pc). Tried to play them on my hp touchplay, but instead of streaming they are copied onto the hp touchpad. That is not what i understand from cloud computing.