Friday, June 24th, 2011

Social Media Insights: Who’s Winning the Browser Wars?


As you may already know, we love to survey our social media followers to gain insight about how you share and access content online. Last time, we looked at how many devices Box fans use on a daily basis; this time, we’ll look at which browsers you like to use to access your content. While these polls are slightly – okay, maybe highly – unscientific, they do provide us with valuable insight about how tech-savvy Box users are interacting with the web.

It was very clear early on that Facebook users love chrome. Out of 463 respondents, just over half of them stated that Chrome was their preferred browser. We’re very excited to see that it has such a passionate and widespread user base, especially since Google’s Chrome Web Store makes it easy for cloud workers to share and access content without fiddling with desktop applications. Suffice it to say, we’re big fans of Chrome’s UI and features at Box.

Most interesting to me was Rockmelt’s position in this poll. It received a considerable amount of attention in 2011 due to its deep integration with social media, but only 2 respondents –from Facebook, no less – cited Rockmelt as their go-to browser. Then again, RockMelt was only released a little over 6 months ago, and it takes a while for people to trade in a tried-and-true application for something new.

Finally, we of course have to address one of the most web’s most pervasive browsers, Internet Explorer. While IE did manage to secure 3rd place in this poll, it did so with only a 6.9% showing.

Did you participate in this poll? If you did – and even if you didn’t – let us know below what you use to browse the web, and why.

  • Amit

    I use Firefox 5 and Chrome 11 to browse the web though I’ve installed other browsers also (IE9 and Opera 11.50 Next build). To be frank, recently I began to love Chrome over other browsers. It is faster than Firefox and release major updates / bug fixes frequently. Moreover some good apps are there in Chrome webstore like my favorite AngryBirds, Mario..etc

  • Olivier

    I’m happy to see there is so much interest from BOX users for the Chrome browser.
    I wish it was the same for BOX developers.
    In fact, today, BOX hardly works with Chrome, with in particular, nasty upload bugs.

    I really hope this will push the BOX dev. team to do their homework.