Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Infographic: Sharing and Collaboration around the World


Box users are a pretty worldly bunch, ranging from the United States to Norway, China and beyond. In order to illustrate our diverse user base, our team put together a fun infographic that shows where people around the world are using Box and, more interestingly, how they’re using the cloud to share and collaborate. Take a look below to see how you (and fellow Boxers) are using the cloud every day, all around the world.

Note: Click on the infographic to view it at full size.

Post By Mark Saldaña, Community Manager

  • http://misseaglesnetwork.blogspot.com Miss Eagle

    I am only one person but I do rely on Box. I use it to insert documents into my blog posts. Box is great for this. I am from Australia – and there is not even the tiniest blue dot on the map of Australia. Am I the only one in the whole of Australia using Box? Is that why there is not a dot? Sad!

    • Mark Saldana

      Hey Miss Eagle,

      This only displays the top 10 regions, so don’t worry about being the only person in Australia who uses Box ;). We have a ton of customers down under!


  • http://www.PromoClip.asia Rene Theil

    We are in Hong Kong and would LOVE to be included on that map…!

  • Norwegian

    Where is Australia?
    It is not even annotated on the map… :-)

  • http://www.keykreative.com Jonathan Key

    I agree with Miss Eagle :)
    Australia represent! *we must be number 11?

  • Doc. Z

    Hey Box, I like it!

    I have managed to generate 5.25 Gig of space out of bringing my people onto your product – all from backwoods Kenya! Hey and that includes subs in Oz Miss Eagle!

    So how about making a mobile app for the Blackberry users on the planet too?

    Cheers and keep it coming!