Thursday, May 19th, 2011

App Spotlight: Easily Convert Your Box Content to PDF with Drawloop


Need a way to quickly convert important word documents and image files to PDF – without leaving your Box account? With Drawloop, converting content to a PDF file is just a few clicks away.

To use the app, visit the Drawloop page in the Apps Marketplace click “add”. You’ll then be able to right-click on documents in your account and select “Convert to PDF”. When you convert your document, Drawloop will create a PDF version, and your original file will remain unchanged. If you’re looking for additional functionality, you can even sign up for a paid Drawloop account to combine multiple Box files into a single PDF file.

Head on over to the Box Apps Marketplace to get started!

  • Michael Jahn

    I use Google Docs, and most often export to PDF ( I am on Macintosh ) but it is always nice to see more ways to do so something “while i am right there” – Tip of the hat to you Alex Willen and the team at Box !

  • Brainstormworld

    Google Docs are the most often export to PDF . It is always nice to see more ways to do something more .