Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

HP Unveils TouchPad, Further Empowering Mobile Workers


This was an exciting week for mobile devices. HP just unveiled its new line of webOS devices – two new smartphones and a new tablet, dubbed the HP Touchpad. One of the most exciting things about this new tablet is that HP is going all-in with connecting its mobile devices to the cloud, as the TouchPad will come bundled with Box and Google Docs. We were thrilled to be included in this announcement, and can’t wait to work more closely with HP in the future.

The Box team (especially our developers) can’t wait to get our hands on this new line of webOS devices to test them out in the office – suffice it to say, we’re excited about what this partnership means for the future of our mobile apps, so stay tuned for even more good news in 2011.

  • Kirk Stephens

    With so many new devices on the market, it’s hard to choose from one. For now, I still use a laptop primarily as I have found that most tablets are lacking in processor power and practical business apps.

    Time will tell if tablets truly get integrated into the corporate world, or if they are going to be primarily used by non-professional consumers. Better apps would help to speed up any possible adaptation.

    I hope to read more on your thoughts of using these devices for business purposes.

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