Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Using Box Gets You One Step Closer to Owning a Chrome Notebook


At Box, we pride ourselves in the fact that our users are cloud-savvy, early-adopters who love to get their hands on cutting-edge tech before anyone else. That’s why we were so excited when Google decided to offer the Chrome notebook to Box users. Box fanatics are just the kind of people for the Chrome pilot program. After all, this notebook is a pretty big deal for people who love to work in the cloud – with an always connected, always updated laptop, there’s no need to worry about traditional computing hindrances like system updates or syncing your content among different machines. Living completely in the cloud means that your computer’s OS will be just as sophisticated as the cloud apps you use to get your work done.


Here’s where you come in. Log into Box within the next 7 days for a chance to apply for a Chrome notebook. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a message at the top of the page that will direct you to an application form. If you don’t see it at first, keep trying – remember that you have until the end of the week to apply. Already applied for a Chrome notebook? No worries, you can do it again through Box. We’re really thrilled about this partnership, and hope you are too! Be sure to log in within the next week for your chance at snagging the hottest notebook around, and If you don’t already have a Box account for some reason (we forgive you), you can sign up right here. Good luck! :)

Update: Our friends at Google blogged about this promotion today on the Official Chrome Blog. Read the post here!

Post By Mark Saldaña, Community Manager

  • Razvan

    is this available only for users from USA ?

  • BogartOfElCajon

    I’ve requested and requested for this CR-48 but Google is turning their back on me and just looks the other way. :(


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  • Trish

    Would love to have the CR-48 – it’s perfect for my online lifestyle. Wish me luck! Come On Banner!!!

  • Lex

    Is this only for paid accounts or do free accounts have a shot at this as well? Thanks so much!

  • Josh

    Really excited for a chance to test Pilot a Google Chrome netbook. I love the idea of being “in the cloud” all the time!!!

  • Lyle will go nicely with my new CR-4.:)

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  • Robert Adonias

    is this available only for users from USA ? [2]

  • Chris

    I want one sooooooo bad, I think Google doesn’t like me :( it would be a blessing to have this.


  • Isaac Hunter

    I have been very eager to get one of the Google Chrome Notebooks to use and test in all kinds of ways. I’ll use it with the all of the Apps that are available, including those from MOG,Box, LucudChart and Zoho. I’m ready for take-off guys!

  • PramodPai

    Wow,Note books for free.Tell me what to do and consider it done

  • Bogdan

    yes, Razvan, unfortunately, US only :(

    from the CR-48 application form:

    “So if you live in the United States, are at least 18 years old, and would like to be considered for our small Pilot program, please fill this out. It should take about 15 minutes. We’ll review the requests that come in and contact you if you’ve been selected.”

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  • daniel

    i got one today :)
    i applied back at the beginning of december and it came today…ive been a subscriber for about 6 months but i dont think it has anything to do with it.

  • John Durbin

    I’ve been using for almost as long as there has been a It was of great help to me when I was unemployed for about 54 weeks. I’d create a file that would demonstrate my computer skills and post in in Then when I’d have an interview I would ask the interviewer to download and test what I had created. helped me find an awesome job at an awesome company

  • Jheney L Puia

    How do you know (Bogdan) It is only for US !!

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  • Zhipeng Sun

    is that possible to have a CR-48 in china? and when is the Chrome OS available for everybody to use on their own PC?

  • Zhipeng Sun

    opps, just find out it is only for US…… hope it can be used all around the world some time …

  • Lex

    Nothing. Been clicking since Wednesday, sometimes hours at a time and there is no CR-48 app showing up at all. Really wanted to try one of these, too.

  • Mark Saldana

    Hi everyone!

    Unfortunately, only residents of the US are eligible for this promotion. Sorry :(. We’ll let you know if that changes.

    And for everyone who still hasn’t seen the application pop up in your account – keep trying, remember you have en entire week!

    Community Manager

  • iRvanFauziE

    give me one please :)

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  • Kai

    I really want an invitation to test a CR-48 that would be great. Just recently moved to the US … so it”s at least possible. Would nicely fit my Nexus S (with

  • Mynametopostcomment

    Why do only some of us get to enter the chrome notebook giveaway? Why can’t the sign up show up for all of us on box so we can all get our name in the hat to win one? That sure would be nice. I’ve been signing on lots, but haven’t seen any sign up notice on here yet.

  • Light

    Are we guaranteed to get a CR-48 if the application appears and we sign up?

    • Mark Saldana

      Applying doesn’t guarantee that you’ll receive a Chrome notebook – it just means that you’ll be referred to Google through Box. Sorry for any confusion.


  • Kai

    guess i won’t get the popup times almost up … really want a cr48 but i guess i won’t get one

  • Anup

    I did get the pop up.. It redirected me to the same Google Pilot Program Form. I did apply again.
    I was wondering if the lucky few getting the laptop would be contacted?

  • Michelle

    How long until applicants know they’ve been accepted to the pilot program? Is Google handing over a list of ‘the chosen’ to for announcement?

  • Light

    Also wondering if we will be contacted if chosen.

  • Mario

    i love it! and the CR-48 notebook! please make this a special gift to me on my birthday! thanx and God bless!

  • Cam

    BOX is very cool I have been using Google to store docs, but this will be great for extra space and even better for sharing info.
    That CR-48 looks pretty bad ass, cant wait for it to be released.

  • Michelle

    Zoho announced a winner…perhaps you guys have a winners list by now?

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