Friday, January 28th, 2011

The Connected Classroom: Students Ditch Paper and Move to the Cloud


Pepperdine Student, Steve Padis, was tired of using outdated, inefficient tools to collaborate with his classmates. His professor was using thumb drives and CDs to distribute and collect exam information from his class – a process that was complicated, expensive and not at all user-friendly. What he needed was a tool simple enough for his classmates, yet still secure enough for his professor to use for administering tests. He decided to conduct an experiment: Test out multiple collaboration solutions (one of which was Box) and allow his classmates and professor to rank them based on a variety of factors. The Result? Box came out on top, with Steve receiving an overwhelming number of positive responses about implementing Box in the classroom.

Here’s what he had to say about taking his class to the cloud:

“Our research project on classroom agility and the velocity of communication within the educational setting involves three professors and three students, including myself. After an extensive assessment in the summer, we chose as the file sharing and collaboration interface we found most useful for the learning environment and implemented the tool to manage over forty students through project collaboration, material distribution and material collection. Box completely streamlined the process of online exam distribution and collection, and most importantly, did not compromise the integrity of the exam. The students enjoyed Box’s simplicity, and appreciated the ability to communicate and collaborate more effectively with one another. I want to thank Box for providing us with the opportunity to utilize such a wonderful educational tool in the classroom.”

With Box, Steve’s classes went entirely paperless, saved countless hours and ditched physical media like CDs and thumb drives. Even cooler, the cloud made Steve and his classmates more productive than ever. During winter break (a time students normally reserve for forgetting about school), they used Box to trade PowerPoint presentations and collaborate on group projects. As for Steve’s professor, she’ll use Box with a different group of students this Spring semester – empowering an entirely new group of cloud converts.

Have you used the cloud to give your organization a jump-start? The Box team wants to hear about it! Shoot us an email at or tweet at us @boxdotnet – we’re listening.

Post By Cari Goodrich, Public Relations Manager

  • Jermyn Shannon-El

    It was great to read this article. As a curriculum specialist for elementary and secondary schools heavily distressed areas of Duval County, we rely heavily on and other apps to save both time and money. The Duval Urban Debate League is a new private-public partnership between Duval County Schools and the Blacksonville Community Network, a pending B Corporation in digital media and information technology. School educators, parents, and administrators are formally trained to use Box for convenient access to new case research, curriculum, and critical admin forms to streamline the process for development throughout the year.

    Thank you for this wonderful platform for next generation technology in education and business!

  • Mark Saldana

    Wow Jermyn, thanks for sharing that! We’re always really happy to hear about how Box has helped our users.

    Please feel free to let us know if you have any other feedback about Box.


    -Community Manager