Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Box and the Infinite Cloud


When we started Box in 2005, the nearest competitor was charging $10/month for 5GB of storage with no free offering. We wanted to enter the market with the most broadly available, affordable service – so after experimenting with a few business models early on, in 2006 we launched the largest free space at the time: 1GB.

Many things have changed since 2006. Hard drive efficiency – how we actually store your data – has improved nearly 400% in the past five years. That means we can store 5X the amount of data in the same space we could have five years ago. We’ve also built out two enterprise-grade data centers, received SAS 70 Type II certification, and worked with a number of partners and industry leaders to build one of the largest and most extensible cloud content management services. In response to the tremendous traction and excitement we’ve seen, we want to change the game again.

Today, we’re announcing 5GB of free web storage for our personal subscription plans. Not only that, but we’re making a major change to how our business plan works – instead of paying to incrementally add more storage for every user you have (15GB each), we’re going to start the plan out at 500GB. This will more than triple the amount of storage the average business subscriber has access to. Services like SharePoint Online, Google Docs, or Salesforce Content typically limit users to a gigabyte or less each; we think our new model offers a very compelling advantage over the current ways businesses can manage their content in the cloud today.

Ultimately, we want to move in a direction where storage is never a concern for end users or IT administrators, where the cloud is effectively “infinite.” Web-based applications should be all about flexibility, elasticity, and the power of connected applications and services. The cloud also brings tremendous economies of scale, and we believe in passing these benefits along to our users. The last thing you should be worrying about are “traditional” issues like storage allotments, bandwidth limitations, upgrades, patches, etc. We want our customers to focus on the powerful benefits of collaboration, the ability to work from anywhere, and connecting their information to other powerful applications and devices. That’s the ultimate vision of Box.

These changes are live today for new users, and we’ll be rolling out these benefits to all our existing Box customers throughout November. We also have other amazing and exciting product improvements, expansions, and partnerships we’re working on – we look forward to announcing these updates in the coming months.

Post by Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO,

  • Daniel Nice

    This is awesome guys! A huge improvement and now a even more compelling case to switch from dropbox to I love your service, keep up the great work!

    When can I expect my business accounts to be upgraded to 500GB?

  • Daniel Nice

    I see it now, look like I get more space in November, I can handle that :-)

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  • Radu

    Great change! But for 5GB space what will be the bandwidth limit?
    Also… stil 25MB per file? I hoped this will be increased also… :(
    Anyway: I love and I use it since 2007.

    • mark

      Hi Radu,

      The bandwidth limit for all paid accounts is currently 2TB per month. For free accounts, our bandwidth limit is 10GB per month. Thanks for being a longtime user, we really appreciate it. :)


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  • chonghua

    But the old users are still 1GB

    • mark


      You should see your storage bumped up to 5GB by the end of November. If you don’t see this, please let us know.


  • Mauricio

    This is great but when will you release a BlackBerry application?

    • mark

      Hey Mauricio,

      Our Blackberry app is currently in the works. We don’t have a specific release date set, but rest assured that we’re working hard on it. It’s been a pretty popular request from our users – we’ll get it out as soon as we can!


  • John

    We have been using box since 7/24/2007 and have a (Legacy) Premium Per Year (5GB) $50/y plan. What’s the deal for us?

    • mark

      Hi John,

      You can choose to downgrade to a free plan or upgrade to a personal plan. If you stay with your current plan, your storage allocation wont increase. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at


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  • Guy

    When my account will be upgrade to 5GB ?

    • mark

      Hi Guy,

      You should see this upgrade in your account by the end of November. If you don’t, feel free to contact me at and I’ll take care of it.


  • Lance

    Hi Aaron,

    I just found out about your company because has been purchased by FB and is closing down and I’m looking for another service. I’m in the process of setting up a online business/website with very limited funds. It’s starting out as a free site and will likely be that way for a while.

    Your free service doesn’t seem like it’s worth signing up for.

    Your Business service does, but it is too expensive for a start-up without funding. I guess the problem is that I don’t really need it so I couldn’t justify spending $45/mo for it. But I would love to use it because it seems pretty cool and I could see it being helpful to me in a year or two when my company will hopefully need a CMS. I just think you’re turning away business since people like me will find something cheaper and grow with that service. I think that for a service like this it is easy to get locked into a provider since all your documents are already uploaded and being tracked and have a history attached to them etc..

    One other complaint/suggestion/inquiry. Why doesn’t your Business service have encryption on the servers like your enterprise service? Wouldn’t that be a deal killer for most businesses concerned with security?


    • mark

      Hi Lance,

      If our business service isn’t a fit for you right now, you can always sign up for one of our personal accounts; those can be equipped with up to 50GB of storage. We want to be sure that people don’t feel trapped on a specific plan, which is why we’ve made it easy and hassle free to upgrade or downgrade on Box. Concerning security, our business accounts have all data encrypted on transfer, take a look at this page for some more info – Many of our users find this sufficient for their business needs. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out by sending me an email at, thanks for the feedback!


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  • Daniel

    Thanks for this upgrade – I am really impressed of your development and the value you offer to your community.

    Cheers, Daniel

  • Eric


    I too have a “(Legacy) Premium Per Year (5GB) $50/y plan”, if I downgrade to a free account, will I still be able to use OpenBox apps like eFax? Also, I assume, my files would remain intact, correct?

  • Teisines paslaugos

    You should see your storage bumped up to 5GB by the end of November. If you don’t see this, please let us know.

  • Nguyen


    I m currently user with 25GB plan, it’s very useful for me. Since Im college student, i ve introduced it to a people on campus. But $45/month for business acct is a way too much. Hoping that will release business plan with less user and cheaper price

    • mark

      You can also upgrade your storage all the way up to 50GB in a personal account – we try to have lots of options so that users can find a plan that fits them. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Nguyen

    50Gb can be filled up in less than 2 semesters as box sync is not offered for personal acct, thats the point

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  • Matthias

    I still don’t see any upgrade to 5GB on my old plan…

    • Mark Saldana

      Hey Matthias,

      Send us an email at and we’ll help you out with that.


      -Community Manager

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