Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

The Mobile Enterprise: Introducing Box for Android


Our core mission at Box is to make it easy for you to access, collaborate, and share your business content, wherever you are. Not surprisingly, our mobile platform is integral to making the “wherever” piece of that vision a reality. Our existing iPhone and iPad apps have been huge catalysts for adoption of Box, thanks to end users who want to be able access and share business information on-the-go from their favorite devices, and forward-thinking IT departments embracing multiplatform mobile strategies. We’ve seen more than 200,000 downloads of our iPhone and iPad apps, and content previews totaled more than 1 million in Q2 alone. We’re incredibly enthusiastic about the traction we’re seeing with Apple’s iOS platform, but we also recognize that individuals and businesses want choices.

We’re excited to announce that the Box app for Android is now available as a free app for all devices that support Android OS 2.0 and above. The app is fully optimized for the Android platform, making it easy to access and share all your business content faster than ever before (this is by far the speediest app we’ve ever built!), and because search is a cornerstone of Google and Android, we’ve built sophisticated search functionality into the application, with full text search capabilities for users on the Business plan. Lastly, the Box app lets you upload any photos, documents or media from your Android device directly to Box, basically eliminating any concerns about local storage limitations.

According to Forrester, 10% of enterprises plan to support Android devices in 2010, and with Android making up 33% of the device purchases in Q2, this number is sure to rise. Developing a customized Box app is just the first step: through our OpenBox Mobile platform, we’ll be working with third-party developers to incorporate Box’s content sharing, accessing and storage capabilities into other Android business applications.

We’ll continue to invest aggressively in our mobile platform, as we believe extensibility to mobile devices will be incredibly powerful and disruptive across most categories of business software. Today’s workforce and workplace are more mobile than ever before, but traditional business software offerings are trapped behind the firewall and tied to on-premise servers. By moving content management and collaboration into the cloud, the mobile enterprise is finally a reality, and people will be able to share and access to their information in any environment. At Box, we’re excited to have so many new devices and platforms emerging — they all represent opportunities in which we can provide a better and more connected experience to our customers.

Stay tuned for other big developments on the mobile front in Q4, and if you have an Android device, take our app for a spin and let us know what you think.

Post by Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO

  • Chris Merrill

    I love this! Great work!

    My only request – can you please make it so that I don’t have to login each time?

    • ashley

      Thanks, Chris – glad you’re a fan and we’re working on the login issue. Should have a fix by early next week at the latest.

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  • Jamie

    Agreed, I love the app and will be using my box more as a result, but having to login each time is a little bit of a pain on a mobile device!

    • ashley

      We’re working on it! Should have a fix by early next week. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Chris

    That is great news! I look forward to the update.

  • Johnny

    Finally on android! I was waiting for this.
    Couple of suggestions:

    1. Progress bar when uploading and if possible with upload speed.
    2. Be able to create folder.
    3. Some kind of hour glass when you press on folder and its staring to load.
    4. Pop-up options when long pressing on something.
    5. Last but not least log out issue.

    Keep up the good work!

    • ashley

      Great suggestions – thanks, Johnny! We’re making a few tweaks and will push improvements next week.

  • Yan

    This application looks great and I’ve played with it for a while. But I don’t understand why I can’t download a file? I clicked a file to open it (after downloading), but next time I clicked it and it has be downloaded again. For large files this is very painful. Sometimes I just want to share MP3 files between computer and my Nexus One. Thank you.

  • Jo

    Logs user off when closing app. Long hold should give options: (open, download, share, del). Search key should open search box. Should offer 2GB free to stay competitive with what others are offering.

  • Jo

    Logs user off when closing app. Long hold should give options: (open, download, share, delete). Search key should open search box. should offer 2GB free to stay competitive with what others are offering, and I’m a paying customer for, so not trying to get a freebie here.’s entry into Android is a good start, the UI is very fast, but as with nearly all new apps, it’ll needs some tweaking. Looking forward to the updates. Email me if you have questions or want more feedback.

  • johnny

    More suggestions:

    1. When downloading android .apk file it says after download “no program to open this type of file” WTH?
    2. No selection where you want file to be downloaded, it just starts downloading.

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  • John

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  • Vijay Krishna

    the BOX application on Android doesn’t work well with 4G. On 3G, it’s great. I can upload and download files. On 4G, it just hangs there on the login screen (but the fields or buttons aren’t displayed).

    If I kill 4G and go back to 3G, it works fine.

    EVO 4G on Sprint

  • Enterprise Mobile Hub

    Thanks for providing information about box!