Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Email Files Directly to Box with Folder Email Addresses


We want Box to be the hub for your organization’s content – the place where files are centralized and easily extended to relevant applications and devices. But before you can share and manage your content online, you first need to get your files into Box.

We’ve launched a new way to upload files to Box that takes advantage of a tool that’s already integral to your work life: email. Our new “folder email address” feature lets you email files as attachments directly to the Box folder of your choice from any email application. To get started, simply select a folder, click the “Email files into folder” link under “Folder Options” in the right sidebar, and you’ll be provided with a unique email address.

The folder email address will begin with “upload” followed by the first seven letters of the folder name so that you can take advantage of email auto-complete. You can share the email address with colleagues, vendors, partners and other contacts, making it easy for them to upload files to a specific folder, regardless of whether they have a Box account. As a folder owner or editor, you can also choose to block uploads from senders whose email addresses don’t belong to folder collaborators, or even turn the feature off entirely.

We look forward to seeing the interesting ways that our users take advantage of this new feature; here are a few suggestions to get you warmed up:

  • Forward files you receive via email directly into a Box account, skipping the cumbersome download-and-then-upload step!
  • CC this email address in a email thread where you’re iterating a document, and all versions of that document will be automatically saved to Box
  • Use the folder email address to email scanned files directly into a Box folder

Our existing upload email address feature ( is still available, making it easy to email files to the “Upload from email” folder. But we hope you’ll take this new feature for a spin, using folder-specific email addresses to make getting content into the right folder on Box easier than ever before. We’d love to hear your feedback – here, or @boxdotnet.

Post by David Lee, Director of Product Management

  • Marcos Ubirajara

    Great feature! best ever!

  • Jason M. Lemkin

    This is a great feature. If you use the EchoSign integration on OpenBox, + add your email address as a bcc email address on, then all your e-signed contracts will automatically flow back into your account.

    • Sean

      Great tip, Jason!

  • Charles

    Very cool. This is the feature that is the reason I am signing up for I want an easy way to get to all these docs I’m creating on my iPad. There is no real “file folder” structure on the iPad, but every app it seems can email out what it creates.

    Only negative is that it took me 20 min of searching this website before I could determine if this feature existed. You guys should go ahead and list it in your “features”

    • ashley

      Hi Charles – great to hear you’re signing up for! Thanks for your feedback on making this feature more easily findable on our website – we’ll work on that.

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  • jody

    This is a nice feature. What would make it a GREAT feature is if there was some logical connection between the links name and my box account folder structure. for every document i want to forward into, i have come to, navigate to the folder i want it sent to, right click, choose the menu item for getting the email address to the folder, copy it, go back to the email, paste, and then send.
    if for instance, i knew the doc was going into my account->marketing->october folder, why couldn’t i build the link myself in the email and hit send?

    • ashley

      Hi Jody – great suggestion. The first part of the folder-specific email address is the folder’s name, so once you’ve emailed files to this folder, your email client should auto-generate the address when you start typing in the folder. We’ll look for ways to make this feature even more seamless – thanks for your input!

  • Dudley Najar

    Nice post, thanks for posting. Now I just need to get up off the couch and actually do something… Pleasee continue this great work and I look forward to more of your great blog posts.

    • mark

      Thanks, be sure to keep reading! :)

  • flippertie

    Nice feature. Only (small) issue is that my experience finding the link does not match what’s described above.

    There’s no “folder options” link I can see. I clicked the drop-down arrow icon, then “upload to this folder” and then “email files” to get the address.

    but no biggy – as long as it works :)

  • James

    I work for a commercial real estate broker and this feature is AMAZING simply bcc or forward or if you are smart enough use Gmail filters to snag info without even having to think about it other than setting it up. Then when someone invariably looses a document or screws up the version you look like a hero for spending 10 seconds when you got the client.

    • Mark Saldana

      Good to hear, James! Glad you like it. :)

  • Dancockerell

    It would be very helpful to structure the email function similar to Evernote. The email address is always the same, and I just have to add “@folder name” after the subject and it sends it to the designated folder. Only need one email address and then remember my folder names.

  • Saje

    How long does it take for the email to be seen in box once it has been sent? I’m testing this feature and so far it is taking quite a while. Thanks!

  • htboxuser

    What this does not seem to do is let me email a pdf that is a link on a website directly to my box account. Thus, I have to first download the pdf to my pc and then upload to box, a waste of time. More and more documents are simply links on websites – court decisions, research papers, etc. The url always indicates the file is a .pdf and the format is normally something like I should be able to get that directly into my box account.

  • Per

    What would be great was if the text of an email would be attached as a comment to the file you are emailing. Also a way to add tags when you email a file would be great. We would like to use this as a document server, but we need the ability to tag files quickly.

  • Brian Greenlees

    This is great. I am running into a problem that when i send CSV files to the system, it does not parse the file the same way as if I just opened the attachment from within the email. How can I change how the file is parsed when uploaded via email?

  • Robert Taylor

    Don’t know what happened to my previous post, but here is my question. Is there any way to forward an email into a Box folder? The emails received from iTunes, for instance are receipts in themselves. I can’t figure a way to get them into my Box folders via email.