Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

iPad: Ready for business? We’re giving free iPads to find out


When the iPad was announced, we were excited. There were more than a few of us at Box that were excited as gadget geeks – and after the iPad launch, there are now more than a few iPads floating around our office.

But more importantly, we saw enormous potential in what this new class of mobile devices could do to really shape how people share and interact with their business content. We launched the new Box App for iPad and had a tremendous response from press and users alike. But we want to do more. We want to do something really big.

We asked ourselves, “Is the iPad ready for business?” And we realized that we should take this question straight to the people. We want to take a business – either a current Box user or one totally new to Box – and put up to 20 iPads in their employees’ hands (along with our iPad app and Box accounts if the company doesn’t already have them). With help from our friends at The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW), we also want to profile how Box and iPads fit into a business’ daily work life for a month.

What’s the catch? We want to share this story, so we are looking for a business that’s willing to let us observe and share their experiences along the way. We’re not just looking for praise either. We’re interested in getting the whole story – the good, the bad and everything in between.

Visit our submissions page if you’d like your business to be considered, where you can find additional details and FAQs about the program. Applying is easy – just upload a statement of 200 words or less on how your business could benefit from using Box with iPads and why your business is ideal for this experiment.

The deadline for submissions is April 29, 2010, so get to it!

And yes, you get to keep the iPads once the program is over. It’ll be our thanks to you for all your help and sharing your story with the world.

Post by Sean Lindo, Marketing Communications Manager

  • Robert Perachio

    I am a professional photographer. With 2 different businesses inside this highly competitive & saturated market. I photograph both advertising/editorial work as well as high-end weddings in the Boston area. Over the years my wedding work has become in high demand. I have meetings all the time with couples interested in hiring me for their celebration.

    I feel an iPad would help my photography business in many ways: It would be my multi-media device. All in one!

    1) For starters, I want my clients to be impressed with my presentation of work. The iPad simply does that on its own.
    2) I would like to be able to show album slideshows of current weddings that I am working on (online & in a photo folder pre-loaded on the iPad). Having real books/portfolios is a must also, but they always want to see more work. iPad would be perfect.
    3) I would hold my contracts on there also, so we could go over it with out them taking them. If they are interested in booking with me, I can email the file/contract to them on the spot.
    4) I would like to take notes with the iPad during meetings, add their contact info, and schedule their events right on the spot.
    5) I use to share my images w/ my designers who create albums. I want to be able and check designs and layout while on location or out of the office. Also, knowing when these folders/files are uploaded using the App (which I currently use on the iPhone).

    I hope to get one in the next several months (if I’m not the lucky winner) to use for these options & many more that I probably don’t realize yet, since I don’t own it. But the iphone had lived up to every expectation I had. And I am sure the iPad will also.


  • John ahrens

    Looking to find out more on boxnet, while using my iPad.
    1st thing I learned is your demo does not play on iPad.
    What I will say is that battery life and light weight make iPad a gotta have. As with the new steamship driving apple it will be the apps that give it life.
    I can almost look at my laptop and say that’s got about as much or a chance being lugged around as my desktop.

    PS I now have to tell my kids they can play on my iPhone or laptop just give me back my iPad. When will apple make a product that kids don’t like or can’t figure out how to use? My kids are 4 and 5!

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  • Tere Rill


    I would love to particpate in the iPad. I’m old though (67 years) soyou may want the young people…but I do own my own business. I am the publisher of The Women’s Journals in 15 counties in central PA
    My phone is 814 880-6544 THANKS

  • WSilliman

    I am a VP of IT at a medium sized public company. I would love the opportunity to try and test your product (which I have, use and love) with the iPad and test your business/enterprise versions with the iPad as well.

  • Alice Stefaniak

    I work for an online university and I think that working from home with an iPad would be helpful for some of my interactions with students. Perhaps there could be some helpful ways that the iPad would be more flexible, more creative and more responsive in addition to the work I do with students on an HP laptop. That is something I would love to discover.

  • Ryan Schroeder

    I am in the Medical device sales field and I believe that this device could change the game for me. The way that I envision the Ipad working for me is having the ability to store all my contacts and have their names and e-mails readily available for distribution of all surgical videos and new launches. I see it as a portable distribution center.

    We have so many products and videos that accompany each and everyone of them, to think that I could store all these videos on the Ipad to be able to quickly show a MD before a case or even during a meeting, WOW!

    The last thing is constantly being able to be in touch with the office in regards to cases and not having to enter them all into my calendar at the end of the day. What a pain this is!

    This could literally change my life and give me more time in my day to make the sales calls needed.

    Give me the chance and I will make sure that everyone in the my company sees how I use it. My phone # 414.698.9250. Thank you!

  • Todd

    When will BOX and TUAW be making the final decision on the lucky winner?

  • ipad developers

    Great idea of you guys! It`s a pity the submissions are closed already, but nevertheless we`ll try to keep track of his experiment, to learn what will be the results. Hope you`ll publish a detailed review on it after all.

  • Bryon

    Has a winner been chosen based on the submissions received?

  • Chris Klein(StorageFront)

    Can you please give me an update on the contest progress? Thanks!

  • Mike


  • Brian

    Is there any movement on this? I’m curious to see who one (hopefully us, but that’s a long shot, of course).

    • Sean

      Sorry for the delay. We’ve been sorting through hundreds of compelling submissions…winner to be announced shortly! Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm :)

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  • alltuckeredout

    Thanks for this, just got my iPad today, will have a look at more of your stuff!

  • Saraj

    You guys are awesome. I’m compiling a list of current giveaways, but I love how you used yours to reach out to businesses. If you ever do it again, you might consider having the iPads you give away laser engraved with your logo or some other design. :)

    • ashley

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  • The Best Pink Netbooks

    Just think, in three years there will be handheld devices outperforming today’s laptops and netbooks. Pretty amazing how fast things are developing these days.

  • 98052 Public Storage

    iPads are great. They are helpful to a businessman and very handy with great features we can use in everyday life. Its a good replacement for laptop when you are in hurry to browse your mails and internet. Thanks for sharing.

  • Android Development

    That was good contest to win the ipad and know the review about it.

  • winfredable

    Any reviews yet? I want to know the winning companies.. get to look at it.