Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Cool Firefox Extension: Save Documents on the Web


We have a lot of Firefox fans around the office. Being the geeks that we are, we were excited about the 3.5 release. This brought some welcome changes from the Firefox community, including an update to Open IT Online, a popular Firefox extension that now lets you save documents on the web straight to your Box account. This extension was built by Denis Remondini, who used the OpenBox API to add this functionality.

If you regularly share, for example, research documents from the web with colleagues or a project team, it’s a great time-saver. It’s also handy if you use webmail and want to save attached files straight to Box.

Instead of downloading a file to your computer and uploading it to Box, you can simply click on the file and choose the option for saving the file to your Box account.


A new page will open for you to login to Box. Choose where you want to place the document and you’re all set.


Have at it, Firefox fans!

Post by Jeremy Glassenberg, Platform Manager

  • John

    I love that add-on. It’s how I discovered in the first place.

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  • Francesco Ragazzi

    Does this work with firefox on osx ?

  • Sean

    Hi Francesco – yes, the Firefox extension works on OSX. I use it on my MacBook :)

  • Francesco Ragazzi

    Hi, ok I finally got it to work: you don’t get when you right-click a link, but only when you actually download a file. Now, another issue (I might be stupid, but I don’t get it) why does it always tell me that it’s adding a “link to a web page” in my account then gets stuck on “Please wait while your link is added…”, and it does not add the file itself ?

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  • West Harbour

    Unfortunately, there seems to be no direct way to put pdf documents on a account. PDF is clearly a major form of document in the business world because, unlike .doc documents, a pdf is not easily changed by the recipient. It would be great if could take a pdf directly from a website.

    • Sean

      Hi there – to clarify, are you having trouble uploading pdf documents to Box? There shouldn’t be any problems there. Please feel free to email with more details.

  • paul

    is this also on chrome? looks awesome