Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Helping a Volunteer in Panama, a 1st-Gen College Student and a U.S. Military Member


Getting things started this week, I decided it would be fun to go into the “way-back” machine – you know, get our flux capacitor groove on. If you don’t know where that reference is from, just send me a tweet @boxdotnet and we can talk.

Last fall, Box.net and Dell announced a partnership to provide a free Box account to Dell Mini netbook owners. To celebrate, we teamed up with TechCrunch to give away five Dell Minis. Over a thousand readers posted a comment on why they needed a netbook. While it wasn’t easy choosing from so many deserving people, I thought it would be fun to look back and see who those people were and what some of them had to say about their daily Mini use:

– Rick, a member of the U.S. armed forces serving in Afghanistan, said a Mini would be great for his rig, hooking into Wi-Fi hotspots, using Skype in the field, watching a movie and playing the occasional game.

– Ira wanted to give a Mini to his mother, a community organizer in Panama. He later wrote us and said she carries the Mini “all over the place because it weighs so little.” Ira’s mother also volunteers at a seniors home and leads health dialogues at an international school there. She constantly uses it for Skype, surfing and creating documents online.

– Brian wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a new computer. She was just starting college and happened to be the first in her family to move on to college. Brian said she’s off to a great start, uses the Mini all the time and has a 4.0 GPA.

– Brent thought the Mini would be a great way for his mother to stay in touch with family and friends who couldn’t visit her because of her health condition.

– Kishore is a college student in India who wanted to make better use of his time on long, dusty bus rides to school. He said the Mini came in handy at a recent school event: “[I had to] wander around quite a bit on campus and it really made a difference! It’s so incredibly light. I’m having lots of fun always having it with me…”

It was a fun contest to do and we’re happy we could celebrate and help a few good people out at the same time.

Post by Sean Lindo, Community Manager

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