Thursday, June 11th, 2009

A Bug’s Life: Box Goes on a “Bug Safari”


Safari is defined as “a journey or expedition for hunting, exploration or investigation” – it’s also a great alternative to Firefox, especially for Mac users. All kidding aside, the Development team recently went on a safari of its own, hunting, exploring and investigating bugs that needed to be banished from your world of Box.

After launching a host of new features in recent months, Box developers took about a week to suspend work on big features and enhancements to take on bugs – not any “showstopper” bugs (which get fixed ASAP, whenever they occur), but small glitches that needed to be taken care of but weren’t high-priority fixes. As our Director of Engineering Steven Black said, it was a time for our developers to finally take that “if I only had a little bit of time I could fix that” moment.

The Bug Safari was a success and the development team was able to fix some long-standing issues that – yes, I will say it – bugged us for a while. According to Steven, our team was able to make a severe dent in what they call the “Bug Load,” which should provide smooth sailing for our development team and users alike going forward.

Here’s to a more bug-free Box! Now, on to the next round of new features…

We’ve got some great stuff coming up, but what new features would you like to see?

Post by Sean Lindo, Community Manager


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  • Mahos

    Nice. How many did you squash?

  • Sean

    I can’t say exactly how much, but it was a significant number :)

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  • Jeremy

    I would like to see some kind of sync tool. I’ve been with a long time and back in the day there was talk about such a tool, but I’ve never seen a finished product if there is one. Here’s an archived link of what I’m talking about:

  • Sean

    Hi Jeremy – thanks for reading the blog and your suggestion around a sync tool. Yes, sync was mentioned a while back and it’s been a long time coming. We have focused, as you can tell, a lion’s share of our efforts around building Box as a collaborative workspace. We’d like to do sync eventually, but I can’t give an accurate estimate on when that will be released. We hear your comments loud and clear though and hope we can do something for you and everyone that’s been asking for this tool sooner rather than later.

  • karen

    Don’t know why but as a newbie, I created two box accounts. Would like some way of being-to amalgamate the two accounts now and delete any duplicate files along the way. Is that possible. So far, I have thought to ask people to re-invite me on the “other” account. Any tips.

  • Jeremy

    @Sean, thanks for the info! I was just making sure I didn’t miss something. I have been impressed with a lot of the changes you guys have been making, so thanks for listening and making box better and better.

  • Marinda Willets

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