Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Box.net and LinkedIn: Making the Right Connections


Either you’re in or you’re out. Whether you’re looking for a great business opportunity, finding someone who would be a perfect fit for your company, or meeting other professionals in your field, knowing the right people can make all the difference. With over 30 million professionals, LinkedIn is the world’s leading online professional network and the preferred, universal business utility for professionals looking to build meaningful, valuable connections.

At Box.net, we know that sharing the right information can go a long way. And we know the value of LinkedIn because we use it ourselves. That’s why we’re excited to work with LinkedIn to provide a powerful tool for LinkedIn users to share and collaborate on all kinds of content with everyone in their network.

Using Box.net’s Files application, LinkedIn members can:

– Organize and manage files to share with other members

- Share documents, presentations, photos, videos and audio right on their profile page

– Send files stored on Box.net seamlessly with other users through LinkedIn’s messaging system

– Collaborate and connect with LinkedIn members through project files and folders

Box.net enables LinkedIn users to create profiles with impact – a richer, more complete portfolio of content that you can share with anyone, anytime. It’s never been easier to show the right people your insight, accomplishments and all the valuable qualities you bring to the table.

Get a closer look at Virgin Group Chairman Richard Branson’s LinkedIn profile, enhanced with Box.net.


Watch a video demonstration of Box.net’s application for LinkedIn

Visit the Box.net application page to learn how you can add Box.net to your LinkedIn account, and start sharing and communicating with your LinkedIn network in a whole new way. With Box.net, you have everything you need to share and collaborate on the right information. If you want this to get into the hands of people that can make the difference, you need to get LinkedIn.

  • http://www.vectorpointllc.com Adam Martin

    Hey guys, great work. As VP of my company, I simply love it. Sheer genius, best widget ever created. I hope you all have great success.

  • http://www.vectorpointllc.com Adam Martin

    Hey guys, I’ve got one suggestion. It would be nice for me to be able to add a password to the document straight from my box.net widget. That way I can send the password out only to those I want to view it. What do you think?

  • http://www.box.net sean

    Hi Adam, thanks for the tip! I’ll pass this on to our development team and see what we can do for future updates.

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  • Marc Andonian

    Love the idea and product execution thus far!

    I would like you to see if you can allow a box.net user on LinkedIn to bind a box.net folder to a networking group in LinkedIn.

    Everything is private – unless you are a member of the designated group, then you can read the contents of the folder under two conditions:
    1) hyperlink to the specific document.
    2) folder-based access to any document in the folder

    Anyone with a box.net account could make documents available to the group – by adding the group to the permissions list. So one or multiple linkedin groups could access one or multiple box net folders.

    The goal is not to burden the user with the invite/accept/create account routine – just let them access the data

    What do you think?

    The document and folder are otherwise private -even if the link is shared via e-mail etc outside of linked in.

    Allow multiple folders to be linked to the same group
    This would be a tremendous capability – but is different from the collaboration route which involves a lot of iterative join/accept work..

  • Rodrigo

    I have linkedin group and would love to extend the group with box.net so I can share files with all the members of the group. These members are not linkedin to me directly so I doubt they can see my box.net files. I would pay for this feature.

  • http://www.opleidingshrm.nl Wendy

    Hi there,

    I’ve got a question about extending a group within my LinkedIN profile with box.net. I’m not very experienced so perhaps it’s easy…
    Now I’ve extended my personal linkedIN profile (wendy van wijngaarden-van der smitte) with box.net. The documents which I’ve placed however should be accessible for every groupsmember of ‘Platform Strategisch Human Resource Management (SHRM)’. Now, none of these groupmembers have access to the file.

    What should I do??


  • Q8-wolf-q8

    this cool thanks men but i went to ask you about how to allow pepole to upload to my website if my hosting cannot use php i have http://www.arabjah.com website but i need pepole to upload to my website i dont need to use php waht i do please send me messege to q8-wolf-q8@hotmail.com : thanks man :)

  • David Nunn

    I tried grabbing the html from a widget and putting it in a new file that I could then style. It worked fine – EXCEPT the form did not refresh afterwards. The button text got stuck on the uploading… message and there was no confirmation to the user that the operation was successful. Any suggestions how I can fix this?