Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Announcing Box Collaboration Beta


After many months in development, we’ve officially released the Beta of our new collaboration functionality. The new collaboration feature enables you to share folders with colleagues, friends, and family who also have Box.net accounts. Simply invite collaborators to any folder (a new right-click option) and those users will see the same folder appear in their accounts. Every time a new file is added, each subscribed user will receive a notification either by email or in their Updates tab.

Best of all, Collaboration is fully compatible with OpenBox, so you can edit documents in a shared folder with Zoho, photos with Picnik, and more! Everyone can participate in as many folders as they’re invited to. Free accounts, however, will only be able to create 3 collaboration folders.

And one more thing…

Due to popular demand, we’re also releasing Version history for any file on Box (premiums accounts only). Any photo or document that you’re changing or editing can now have a complete record of versions– all the better when collaborating!


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